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5 ways to log in to Windows 11

Many people often use a PIN or password to log into their computer. This is also a way to make your data more secure to avoid it being stolen by others. However, on Windows 11, there are many other ways to help you secure your device, such as fingerprint login, face recognition, a picture password,… Let’s discover it now.

Sign in to Windows 11 with a password

The usual way that people still use to log in to Windows 11 is through a password. To open the device, simply enter the password you installed in the Password box and press Enter when the computer boots up.

In case you do not know how to set a password on Windows 11, the following article will help you do it easily.

  • How to Create a Windows 11 Computer Password

Sign in with a PIN on Windows 11

Another way is similar to setting up a master password that sets a PIN. This is part of a new feature called Windows Hello, which is available in Windows 10 and 11.

You can go to Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options, select Windows Hello PIN, and proceed to Add a new PIN for your device.

Click Add to set a PIN code

For PIN codes, you can set a PIN code by number, or you can tick Include letters and symbols to set a PIN code containing both characters and symbols. And finally, click OK to complete the installation.

You can also use characters to set up a PIN code

Sign in with facial recognition on Windows 11

You do not want to use a PIN or password but still want to maximize the security of your computer device. In Windows Hello, there is a feature that helps you do this, which is to log in through facial recognition.

You will need to go to Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options and select Set up under Facial recognition (Windows Hello).

Click Set up to start setting up face recognition mode on Windows 11

Then click Get started in the new dialog box that appears and enter the password or PIN to log in to the device to determine if you are the correct user. Then you just need to look directly at the camera so that Windows 11 can set up the recognition mode for your face.

Click Get started and start scanning your face

So you have finished setting up the face recognition mode to turn on the computer. If you want to disable this feature, go back to Sign-in options and click the Remove button next to Facial recognition (Windows Hello).

Sign in with your fingerprint on Windows 11

In addition to using face recognition to log in to the device, you can also choose to log in with a fingerprint, which offers equally high security. Thewindowsfan once had a detailed introduction on how to use this feature, as seen in the article below. You can read and refer to how to install and use your fingerprint to log in to Windows 11.

How to Use a Fingerprint to Login to Windows 11

Sign in to Windows 11 with a picture password

The last thing you can set up to secure your device is a picture password. However, it is not very popular because it is not considered as secure as the above methods. Perhaps that’s why Microsoft only allows you to use this feature when using Windows 11 with a local account.

In case you still want to use this feature, you just need to do the following:

  • Go to Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options.
  • In the Picture password section, select Add.

In Picture password option click Add.

  • Enter your device’s current password or PIN.
  • Click on Choose picture to select the image you want to set as a password.

Click on Choose picture to select the image you want to set as a password.

  • Next select Use this picture and proceed to draw on the three areas that you want to set as the login password. You can use circles, lines, or dots. However, you also need to remember their size and position to be able to unlock the device later.

Select Use this picture and set 3 points as your password

  • Finally, click Finish to finish.

From now on, you can log into Windows 11 by redrawing the same gestures on the image you have installed before.

Above are 5 ways to log in to Windows 11 to help you better secure your device and avoid data theft. I hope you will choose the method that is right for you.

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