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[How To] Change Autoplay Settings For Removable Media In Windows 10

Windows has certainly evolved over time, even with minute system details. You can actually see how everything has been redone in Windows 10 with a modern UI and enhanced settings. Today, we are going to talk about AutoPlay settings in Windows 10 which has been evidently transformed as well. You’ve probably noticed that whenever you attach any removable media storage to your computer, an AutoPlay window pops up with several options for how you want to access the device’s contents. In this guide, we will show you how to change AutoPlay settings for any removable media in Windows 10.

The idea of AutoPlay feature was to provide you with list of alternative actions for different kind of media when you plug in any media device. Once you select the default action that needs to be triggered when a particular device is connected, you don’t have to bother about it every time the device in question is connected. Let’s take a look at how to configure AutoPlay settings:

How To Change Autoplay Settings

1. Open Settings app by hitting the key combination Windows Key + I on your keyboard.

2. Select Devices settings from the matrix of options available (See the image above).

3. Now, on the left pane of Device settings window, select AutoPlay.

4. Related settings will appear on the right pane where you can customize them. Using the toggle button Use AutoPlay for all media and devices, you can switch it on/off as per your preference.

5. Under the section named Choose AutoPlay defaults, you can customize the default action whenever any removable drive or memory card is connected with your PC. Below is the brief description of each option you get in dropdown menu:

Removable Drive

Take no action: Nothing happens the next time you connect a removable drive. You’ll manually have to open the drive contents in File Explorer.

Open folder to view files\: Device contents are shown in File Explorer by default whenever you connect your drive the next time.

Ask me every time: You’ll be required to select the default action every time the removable drive is connected.

Configure this drive for backup: Selecting this option will launch the backup settings when you connect your storage device the next time.

Configure storage settings: When this option is selected as default, storage settings will pop up the next time you connect your drive.

Memory Card

Apart from the above options, you may get some additional preferences based on the type of device you are connecting to your PC.

Import photos and videos: You can launch the Photos/OneDrive app by default and import/export photos and videos between your PC and the memory card.

Play video files: You can choose to play the video files present in your memory card with your default video player every time you attach the card to your PC.

Copy pictures to your computer: Selecting this option as default will enable you to transfer photos to your computer using the default photo viewer app.

6. You might have noticed that some of the above options also has a default app mentioned between braces. You can change this default app by clicking Default app settings under Related settings section.

That’s it, fellas! You can choose to play with your removable drive’s content the way you want using AutoPlay feature.Hope this helps!

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