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Couldn’t Mount File: the Disc Image File Is Corrupted

One of the key features of Windows 10 is the ability to mount ISO images without the help of third-party applications. Users often use this feature because major software downloads like Office and Visual Studio are available for download in .ISO format.

In such cases, instead of writing to the drive and running, it’s a lot easier to mount. But some users have reported that they are unable to mount the ISO, and when trying to do this, they get an error message: – Couldn’t Mount File; The disc image file is corrupted.

Couldn’t Mount File, The disc image file is corrupted message error
Couldn’t Mount File, The disc image file is corrupted message error

How to fix Couldn’t Mount File, The disc image file is corrupted error

Here are some basic things you can try to solve the problem:

1. Download the ISO file again and see if you can mount it.

2. Disconnect all existing virtual hard drives first, and then try again.

3. See if you can mount another ISO file.

4. Use a third-party program to mount the ISO.

No mount option

A friend of the article’s author was also unable to mount an ISO image on Windows 10, but the case was a bit different: the Mount option was missing!

My initial thought was that maybe the friend caused an error with some system files. So, the author of the article ran the System File Checker, rebooted the system, and tried to mount the ISO image again. But I still can’t see the option.

Then the author of the article noticed that his friend had installed a 3rd party application to mount the ISO image, called Virtual Clone, but the version he had installed was not supported for the operating system he was running. use. When the author tried to upgrade it to the new version, it failed. The author used free uninstaller software to completely remove the program and reboot the system. Then the author tried to mount again, but still no luck!

So the author of the article went to Control Panel > Default Programs to check if the file associations were set correctly.

Go to Control Panel > Default Programs
Go to Control Panel > Default Programs

The author clicked on Associate a file type or protocol with a program and looked for the ISO file but couldn’t find it.

In the end, the author decided it might be necessary to run a refresh or reset Windows. But before proceeding with this, it is necessary to try one more option.

The author went into the Windows Registry and checked the shell entries for:


It is still associated with Virtual Clone instead of Windows.isoFile.

The 3rd party software could not be uninstalled correctly, and even the uninstaller could not remove it completely!

The author installed Windows 10 on a laptop, so I extracted all the ISO-related shell keys from different locations and merged them into one. Then the author entered that key into the Registry and rebooted the system.

This plan worked!

Now the article author can see the mount option, and it works perfectly fine. The Registry file is attached below, so in case you face the same problem, you just need to enter this registry key. You can download the file to fix this problem by clicking here.

Remember to back up the Registry and create a system restore point before you use it, so you can roll back if you feel the need.

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