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[How To] Display Full Path In The File Explorer Title Bar In Windows 10

When you need to access or open any file stored in your local drive, File Explorer comes to your aid. Sometimes it can be really bewildering about the absolute path of folder location that you are currently in. You might not have any idea about the hierarchical trail that you have just followed while searching for some file or it might be the case that you want to note down full path of the file on the agenda. Well, fret no more because we have quite the solution for you.

There is a feature in Windows 10 using which you can display full path on title bar of the File Explorer. Not set by default, but the facility has been provided to customize it per your need.

There are two methods to do so. Read on to know more about it:

Display Full Path In File Explorer Title Bar

Method 1: Using File Explorer Settings

1. Hit on your keyboard and type folder options. Click on File Explorer Options from the results, as shown in the below image.

2. Now, in File Explorer Options window, navigate to View tab. Locate and tick the checkbox named Display the full path in the title bar.

3. Click Apply and then click OK to save your settings. You should readily be able to see full path in the Explorer title bar.

Method 1: Using Registry Editor

Disclaimer: Modifying the registry can cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall your operating system. Use the information provided at your own risk.Please create a System Restore Point before editing any registry entry.

1. Press + R to open Run prompt. Type regedit.exe and hit Enter. Select Yes in the User Account Control window that pops up, to launch Registry Editor.

2. Navigate to the following key on the left pane of Registry Editor:


3. On the right side window of Registry Editor, click and open FullPath and set its value as 1 as shown in the below image.

4. Close the Registry Editor and sign out off your PC to make the changes effective. Once signed back in, you should see the full path sitting proudly there at the title bar.

That would be all, peeps! Hope this helps you.

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