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Exclusive: Our first look at Microsoft 365 AI Copilot in Word for Windows 10, Windows 11

Following Consolidation Bing.com chat GPT. Microsoft has recently confirmed it will implement this innovation into its productivity offerings for the workplace. The “Copilot” feature was recently added to Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 Copilot is similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT in that it uses prompts to guide users through tasks such as document creation, data analysis, report creation, and presentation creation.

Microsoft held a virtual press conference on March 16 to announce Office 365 Copilot and showcase the new AI technology with videos. It was unclear when Microsoft 365 Copilot would be released, but the company appears to be hard at work on the necessary integration.

In Windows 10 and Windows 11, we were able to try out an early build of “Copilot for Word,” but it was only for a small group of beta testers. This functionality is currently broken and only available in the most recent version of Office Word for Insiders (Beta Channel).

New strategies for efficient and effective labor. According to an early version of Word AI available via Windows Latest, Microsoft described the feature as a “private preview for select Microsoft 365 enterprise customers.”

  • Changing or adding to the text of your publication
  • Locating the Appropriate Picture
  • Taking care of the finer points of formatting
  • Changing or adding to the text of your publication
  • Create Abstract Using Source File
  • Free the Minds of the Writers
  • Editor Window AI Comment Launch Skittle

According to our research, Copilot for Word only offers two options for prompts: “Start a document” and “Just write about it.”

Both options, whether to create a new document from scratch or to make edits to an existing one, accomplish the same goal.

Word AI Copilot leak
Microsoft’s AI was able to create an original document that was 100% free of plagiarism. | Image: Thewindowsfan.com

However, Word AI frequently fails and displays an error message saying it does not understand the request. This also occurs when we follow the AI-recommended courses of action or responses presented by Microsoft.

If the references in the leaked build are accurate, you’ll soon be able to ask Microsoft 365 Copilot to create a new document from scratch or to create a document using data or topics from an existing document. In fact, you can tell it to alter specific sentences or sections of text.

Microsoft 365 Copilot allows you to ask it to do things like rewrite or rephrase the paragraph or change the tense or tone to make it shorter.

You can continue working on the same document or start fresh when making PowerPoint slides. You can get AI to do a quick summary of the Word document and then use that information to generate slides. Because of this, talks can be condensed or made more interesting.

In the coming weeks, you should see the feature in Office preview versions.

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