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[How To] Get Tab Interface For Any Application In Windows 10 Using TidyTabs

During our day to day activities on PC, we use several applications repeatedly and come across a few new applications as well. There are very few apps which array the tabs in an orderly fashion and puts on a tabbed appearance that helps escalate the productivity. Although, it doesn’t make sense to include tabbed window appearance for certain apps like Media Player, Outlook Mail etc., but it can surely work like a charm for some other apps where you need to switch between windows rather frequently. Today, we are going to take a look at TidyTabs, one such little Windows app which lets you enforce a tabbed window appearance for all the applications.

TidyTabs – Get Tabbed Windows For Any Application

TidyTabs is a lightweight and free-for-personal-use Windows application which lets you activate a tabbed window appearance for almost all the Windows apps. You can group different open app windows as tabs in a single window where you can navigate between them quite easily. However, it seems that tabbed interface doesn’t work on UWP apps, but then for the obvious reason that you can’t open multiple instances of a UWP app.

Below are some features and benefits you can get from TidyTabs.

Customizable Tab Interface

With TidyTabs, you can customize the tab interface per your wish. It lets you calibrate the transparency using a slider and change its appearance upon mouse hover event as well. You can also change the change the drag and drop settings while grouping several open tabs of a single application.

Apart from this, you can play with the behavioral settings as well. You can hide the single tabs if you wish to and display a tooltip if the tab name stretches out too long.

Exclude Any Program From Showing Tabs

You can choose to exclude any program for which you don’t want to show tabbed windows. It can work well in case of say, Google Chrome, where you already have the inbuilt feature of tab creation and grouping. For excluding any program from the tabbed interface experience, just select the executable file

For excluding any program from the tabbed interface experience, just select the executable file (.exe) from the Program Files location and click on + button to add it to the exclusion list. If you want to allow only selected applications to show the tabbed interface, you can reverse the exclusion mode to Whitelist and allow only the program that you select to access TidyTabs.

Extra Benefits From Professional Edition

If you own the Professional edition of TidyTabs, you can enjoy some extra features. You can control the tab behavior by reordering and renaming them. Also, you can choose to close a tab by clicking middle mouse button.

Additionally, you can enable the auto-grouping for the selected applications so that next time you launch that app, TidyTabs automatically gather the multiple windows into a single tabbed group.

TidyTabs is free for personal usage. However, you can purchase a Site License or Standard License if you want to enjoy the premium features. You can download the full version for Personal Use or buy the Professional Edition from its Official Website.

Hope this makes your task easy while switching between different windows of a single program. Ciao!

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