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How to change screen lock time in Windows 7

By default, when you are not using the computer for a period of time, the screen will automatically turn off. This will save power and save the computer’s battery when in use. However, the default time to turn off the computer screen may be too long or too fast, affecting the work on the computer. If so, users can completely adjust the time to automatically turn off the screen on the computer. The following article will guide you on how to adjust the Windows 7 screen-off time.

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Instructions to adjust the time to turn off the screen in Windows 7

Step 1:

At the interface on the screen, right-click the battery icon below the Taskbar, and then select Power Option.

Or in the search bar at the Start menu, you can enter the keyword power and then also click Power Option in the found results section.

Click Power Options

Step 2:

In the new interface, click Choose when to turn off the display in the list on the left of the same interface.

Customize the screen

Step 3:

In this interface, users will see there are two editing sections, including:

  • Dim the display: Reduce screen brightness after a period of time.
  • Turn off the display: Turn off the screen completely after a period of time.

You choose the length of time you want to turn off the screen if you are not using the computer, or reduce the light if necessary. If you press Never, these two features will be disabled.

Off-screen time

So users can freely customize the screen-off time on Windows 7 depending on their needs. You can adjust the screen brightness after a period of inactivity to save battery power.


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Good luck!

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