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How to change the theme or background color for the virtual keyboard in windows 11

Similar to previous versions of Windows, Windows 11 still supports the virtual keyboard (touch keyboard) feature. This feature allows users to easily enter data on the touch screen, or use it as an alternative to a regular physical keyboard when needed.

If you regularly use the Windows virtual keys, you can make your experience new and more interesting by changing the theme and background color of the keyboard, giving it a fresh, colorful appearance.

Change the Windows 11 virtual keyboard theme

In general, changing the virtual key background color on Windows 11 is not complicated.

To begin, press the Windows + i key combination to launch the Settings Windows application. Or, you can right-click the Start button in the bottom-left corner of the screen and select “Settings” from the menu that appears.

Open Settings

In the Settings window, click “Personalization” in the list on the left, then look to the right and select “Touch Keyboard“.

Click on “Touch Keyboard”

In the touch keyboard settings interface, click “Keyboard Theme” to expand the theme menu.

Click on “Keyboard Theme”

You will now see a list of a bunch of different keyboard themes you can choose from. They vary from simple and colorful to youthful and playful… Choose a theme that you like and click on it.

Choose a theme that you like and click on it

Next, you can check out the look and feel of the new theme by tapping the touch keyboard icon on the taskbar or going to Personalization > Touch Keyboard and tapping the “Show Keyboard” button.

New theme

So your keyboard has a new theme. Alternatively, you can also set a custom color on the touch pad. Do this by clicking “Custom” from the list of themes, then clicking “Edit“.

Click on “Edit”

On the Custom Theme edit screen, you can choose a custom color for the text on the keyboard, the text on the keys, and the outline of the keyboard window. You can even use your custom image file as the background for the keyboard window.

Use the tabs directly below “Theme Preview” to switch between these while editing, then choose the color options you want. When you are done, click “Save”.

Click on “Save” to save

Now, close Settings and enjoy your new virtual keyboard experience!

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