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[How To] Customize New Tab Page in Microsoft Edge for Windows 10

With all the re-imagination that happened in Windows 10, some new ingredients were mixed with the OS. Microsoft Edge is one such component which was newly introduced to take on the established market of browsers. Among all the new features that are bundled in Edge, an attractive and content-flooded New Tab page is quite interesting. It piles up the top and frequently visited sites furthest up, powers the blank screen with your selective news feed, shows the latest weather and sports info cards and what not. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to customize New Tab page in Microsoft Edge.

By default, Microsoft presents the assemblage of top news feed based upon your region and language settings. If you want to take the things under your control, Edge provides you with an option to customize the page display and information card settings. Here’s how to do so:

Customize New Tab Page in Microsoft Edge

1. When you open New Tab page in Edge, it looks quite like the below image. In here, click the Settings icon to customize the content.

2. In this window, you can customize the page display settings and default language as per your wish. You can even turn off the news feed engine and choose to display a blank page.

3. You can also configure Information Card settings and set favorite topics to get the most desired content on the top.

4. When you switch to some other language, your content and options are quickly configured to support your selection.

5. Once done with all the modification, you can save the changes by clicking on Save button. Additionally, if you want to reset the settings, you can do so by clicking Reset to default settings on the bottom right corner. This will clear your language and personalisation settings and switch back to default mode.

That is it, folks! Let us know in the comments section if you are facing any problem.

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