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How to enable HDR on Windows 11

Like Windows 10, Windows 11 also supports HDR image export. But unlike Windows 10, HDR works better on Windows 11 and deserves to be enabled on some apps.

There are three ways to enable HDR on Windows 11, and the administrator will guide you through all three in the article below.

How to check if your computer/monitor supports HDR

HDR is a feature of the monitor. Therefore, your TV or monitor must be equipped with hardware components to display an HDR image. On Windows 11, you need to meet a few requirements for HDR to work:

  • An HDR display that supports the HDR10 standard
  • At least one DisplayPort 1.0 or HDMI 2.0 cable and a GPU that supports the above standards
  • PlayReady 3.0 is supported by GPU

How to enable HDR with keyboard shortcuts

The easiest way to enable HDR on Windows 11 is to use a keyboard shortcut. Since Windows monitors do not display HDR with good quality in many cases, the shortcut will help you quickly turn on / off HDR when needed.

The shortcut that you need to use in this case is Windows + Alt + B. When you press this shortcut combination, your screen will turn black for about a second. When it comes back on, you will see an icon indicating that HDR is on.

How to enable HDR on Windows 11

Of course, the colors on the screen are also very different and more vivid with HDR enabled.

Enable HDR in Settings on Windows 11

The second way to enable HDR on Windows 11 is to use monitor settings. You can right-click anywhere on the screen and then select Display settings on the context menu.

How to enable HDR on Windows 11

Next, you choose the correct screen to adjust (if using on 2 monitors).

How to enable HDR on Windows 11

You scroll down and then switch the action button to On in the Use HDR option

How to enable HDR on Windows 11

If you want more customization, tap the small arrow button next to the switch button.

How to enable HDR on Windows 11

In this new page, you can preview what HDR will look like on your device and you can enable/disable HDR options. For example, you can choose to play a video using SDR even when HDR is enabled.

Auto HDR is an Xbox feature brought to Windows 11. Windows will try converting non-HDR games to HDR. Sometimes this feature works well, but other times it makes things worse. So, if you don’t want non-HDR games to look weird, you should turn off Auto HDR.

Enable HDR in the app

Some games that support HDR allow players to adjust HDR on/off settings right in the game menu. For example, below is the menu for the game Doom Eternal; you can turn on or off HDR right here.

How to enable HDR on Windows 11

This is a useful feature because you don’t have to leave the game to make adjustments.

We wish you happy moments with Windows 11!

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