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How to enable sleep mode on Windows 11 PCs

When not using your Windows 11 PC for a short time, instead of shutting down the device completely (shut down), you should put it to sleep (sleep). This not only saves battery life and ensures privacy and security, but also allows you to get back to work quickly.

Here are all the ways to enable sleep mode on Windows 11 PCs that you can refer to for use when needed.

Use menu Start

Use menu Start

One of the easiest ways for you to put your PC to sleep is to use the Start menu. First, click the Start button on the taskbar. When the Start menu opens, tap the power icon in the bottom right corner. In the small pop-up menu, click “Sleep“. Your PC will go to sleep immediately.

Use dedicated keys

Use dedicated keys

Many Windows 11 PCs and tablets have a dedicated physical key on the body or a keyboard that enables quick sleep mode with a single press. These keys are often printed with the crescent moon logo, the letter “sleep“, or simply a few small “Zs”. Tap it, and your PC will quickly go to sleep.

Use Power User menu

Use Power User menu

You can also use the Power User menu in Windows 11 to put your computer to sleep. Do this by right-clicking the Start button on the taskbar (or pressing Windows + X) and, in the menu that appears, clicking “Shut Down or Sign Out“, then “Sleep“. “Sleep” will immediately appear on your PC.

Use Command Prompt

Like many other tasks, you can also activate sleep mode with a command in Windows 11. First, open the Start menu and enter the keyword “command“. Right-click on the Command Prompt icon and select “Run as Administrator“.

Select “Run as Administrator”

When the Command Prompt opens, you’ll need to run the command to turn off “hibernation” for the sleep command to work.

powercfg -h off

Now, enter the following command to put the PC to sleep:

rundll32.exe powrprof.dll, SetSuspendState Sleep

Use Command Prompt

As soon as you press Enter, the PC will immediately go to sleep.

Use the login screen or Ctrl + Alt + Delete

Similar to shutdown and restart tasks, you can also initiate sleep from the login screen or Ctrl + Alt + Delete in Windows 11. To do so, click the power icon in the corner bottom right of the screen and select “Sleep” in the menu that appears. Your PC will immediately go to sleep.

I hope you have a good experience with Windows 11!

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