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How to fix VPN Error 800

A virtual private network provides a secure connection between a local client and a remote server over the internet. When you try to connect to the VPN and it fails, you receive a VPN error message. There are hundreds of possible error codes, but only a few are common. VPN error 800 “Unable to establish the VPN connection” often occurs when working with virtual private networks. Unfortunately, this error code does not explain why the connection is failing.

What causes VPN error 800

Error 800 occurs when you are trying to establish a new connection with the VPN server. It turns out that the commands the VPN client (your computer) sent to the server failed. The reason for this error could be:

  • The client device’s connection to the local network was lost.
  • The user specified an invalid name or address for the VPN server
  • Network firewall is blocking VPN traffic
Error 800 occurs when you are trying to establish a new connection with the VPN server
Error 800 occurs when you are trying to establish a new connection with the VPN server

How to Resolve VPN Error 800

Check the following to resolve this issue:

Confirm that the network connection between the client and the server is working properly

You can try to ping the server if you are unsure, although VPN servers can be configured to ignore ICMP requests. Retry the connection after waiting a minute or two. Trying to connect from another client device can also help determine if the connection problem is only with one or all of the devices.

Use the correct VPN server name and address

The username entered on the client side must match the server name set by the VPN administrator. By choosing this route, the user can choose to specify an IP address instead of a name. However, it is more common to enter the wrong address than to enter the wrong name. VPN servers can also be subject to IP address changes, especially on DHCP networks.

Make sure your firewall is not blocking the VPN connection

To determine if the client firewall is the cause of the VPN 800 error, temporarily disable it and try to connect again. Firewall-related errors indicate the need to update the firewall configuration with additional settings specific to certain VPN ports on the network, typically TCP port 1723 and IP port 47 for Microsoft Windows VPN. Users often make these changes to broadband routers.

If you have never connected to the local router you are using, the router may need a firmware update to be compatible with the VPN. If it’s been with a VPN before, this shouldn’t be a problem.

The server may be connecting to too many clients. The server connection limit varies depending on how the server is set up, but compared to other possibilities, this cause is not very common. You cannot test this from the client side. In this case, the error usually only lasts for a very short time.

VPN error 800 is a very simple error and can be fixed in a lot of ways
VPN error 800 is a very simple error and can be fixed in a lot of ways

Run anti-virus software to look for possible malware

VPN error 800 can occur when the computer is infected with a virus or some kind of malware. In this case, conducting an anti-virus scan can be of great help. You can use Windows Defender or any other available anti-virus service. Refer to the following articles to make the right choice:

  • The top 11 antivirus programs for Windows
  • The top 9 Mac antivirus programs
  • Top 7 best free antivirus software for Linux

Network Troubleshooting

Sometimes VPN error 800 appears due to some cause that needs to be resolved by troubleshooting. Follow these steps:

1. Select Start.

2.Go to Settings ang select Network & Internet.

3. In Change your network settings section, select Network Troubleshooter.

If the problem persists, don’t hesitate to check with your Internet service provider (ISP). This case may be because the ISP has blocked the GRE protocol.

VPN error 800 is a very simple error, and in most cases it can be resolved using one of the options above. Sometimes minor changes in settings can cause this, or it can also be caused by a glitch on the part of the ISP or VPN service. Whatever the cause of the problem, the remedies listed above will certainly help.


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