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How to get rid on “windows update notification” in Windows 7

After more than 10 years of development, Windows 7 officially entered the end of support (EoS) phase on January 14, meaning that it will no longer receive security, feature, or technical assistance.

Of course, you can continue to use Windows 7 if you want, but at the same time, you will have to face a multitude of potential security risks. Therefore, Microsoft’s general policy is to encourage users to upgrade to Windows 10. Starting January 15, Windows 7 users in all editions, including Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate, will begin receiving a full-screen message describing the security risks of using an EoS-enabled operating system and encouraging users to upgrade to a supported operating system. In particular, this message will automatically appear every time you start the system and will not disappear on its own.Notice from Microsoft

This full-screen notification will certainly attract maximum attention, but at the same time it will also cause discomfort to users in the long run. Therefore, Microsoft has also added an option that allows Windows 7 users to block this notification.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the announcement from Microsoft says that Windows 7 support has officially ended, along with advice to upgrade to Windows 10. As for the options you can do with this message, if you click ‘Remind me later’, the message disappears but will reappear the next time you turn on the device. If you click on ‘Don’t remind me again’, the notification will be turned off forever.

That is the most common way. Alternatively, you can also modify EOSNotify settings using the Windows Registry Editor to suppress the above message.

If you don’t see the above message at first, your Windows 7 PC is probably part of a domain or is running in kiosk mode. If you work for an organization that has purchased Extended Security Updates, the above will also be blocked by default.

Software upgrade notifications are being displayed on all Windows 7 PCs worldwide. Users are recommended to migrate to Windows 10 for ongoing and full support.

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