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How to install Hacker theme for Windows 10/11

In this article, the admin will guide you through how to install the super cool and beautiful hacker theme.

Some note

Before installing the hacker theme for your Windows 10/11 computer, you need to note a few things as follows:

  • Your computer needs to have a high configuration and a bit more RAM, or else running the theme will be difficult, leading to lag, reducing performance and the theme will not display perfectly.
  • You need to back up your system before installation so that it can be easily restored if something goes wrong or quickly reverted to the state it was in before installation. Refer to how to back up Windows for more details.
  • Admin is not responsible if your computer encounters any problems during installation.
Theme after installation is complete
Theme after installation is complete

Download the necessary software and files

To install the hacker theme, you need to download Lively Wallpaper, a preconfigured theme file (by Tech Rifle author), and Rainmeter software.

Download link:

  • Lively Wallpaper
  • Preconfigured theme files
  • Rainmeter

Steps to install the hacker theme on Windows 10/11

After downloading the necessary software and files, follow these steps:

Step 1: Hide icons on desktop

Step 2: Install Lively Wallpaper.

Step 3: Extract the hacker theme file that you downloaded.

Step 4: In Lively Wallpaper, install the hacker theme. You install both themes and choose the theme you feel like.

Step 5: Install Rainmeter.

Step 6: Install the prepared Rainmeter interface file.

For details on how to install, please see the video below:

Good luck!

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