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How to Install or Uninstall Fonts on Windows 11

Similar to previous Windows versions, Windows 11 provides users with a diverse set of font packages (fonts) pre-installed on the system, ensuring that basic needs are fully met. However, in many cases, the nature of your work may make you want to install more fonts. Or conversely, sometimes you may also want to remove problematic or rarely used fonts. Learn how to do it right below.

How to install fonts on Windows 11

For Windows 11, you will need a compatible font file to install a new font. You can download fonts for free from the Web, copy them from another system, or buy fonts online, etc. It depends on your needs. Just note that Windows 11 supports TrueType (.ttf), OpenType (.otf), TrueType Collection (.ttc), or PostScript Type 1 (.pfb +.pfm) formats.

Next, open File Explorer and find the font file you want to install. Double-click the font file to open it.

Double-click the font file

Windows will open the file in a special Font Preview window. Click “Install” to install the font. This will automatically move the font file to the Windows system fonts folder (C:WindowsFonts, by default).

Click install

Accomplished! Your new font is now installed and available as an option in Microsoft Word and other input-enabled applications. Repeat this process for the other fonts you want to install.

How to Uninstall Fonts on Windows 11

Uninstalling a font in Windows 11 is as simple as installing it.

First, open the Settings application by pressing the Windows + i key combination. Or you can also right-click the Start button and select “Settings” in the list that appears.

select setting

In the Settings interface, click “Personalization” in the list on the left, then click “Fonts“.

click fonts

In the font settings page, you will see a list of all the fonts that are installed on the system under the “Available Fonts” section. To quickly locate the font you want to uninstall (if you know its name), click the “Type here to search box” box, then enter the name of the font. Click on it in the corresponding results returned.

Locate the font

On that font’s options page, click the “Uninstall” button.

Click Uninstall

Windows will immediately remove the font from the system. If you need to remove more fonts, just repeat the above process. When done, close Settings.

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