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How to Keep a Windows Laptop Awake With the Lid Closed

By default, whenever you close the screen of your Windows laptop, the system automatically goes into sleep (sleep) mode. The functionality, while useful, also prevents you from using your laptop as a proper PC. In case you want to turn your laptop into a desktop computer, it is necessary to make sure that the PC remains active even if you cover the screen completely.

Learn how to set it up right here.

Keep the laptop in an active state when the screen is folded

The process is very simple, and you can quickly do it using the Control Panel. Just follow the instructions below:

Step 1: By pressing the keyboard shortcut Win + R, you can access the Run box.

Step 2: Type Control Panel and press Enter.

Type Control Panel

Step 3: On the Control Panel window that appears, click Hardware and Sound.

Click Hardware and Sound item

Step 4: Click Power Options.

Click Power Options item

Step 5: On the left pane, click “Choose what closing the lid does”.

Select “Choose what closing the lid does”

Step 6: In the drop-down menu next to the “When I close the lid” option, click “Do nothing”.

Click “Do nothing”

Step 7: Click Save changes to save the changes.

 Click Save changes

From now on, whenever you close your laptop, the system will still act like a desktop. However, keep in mind that this can cause the device to heat up very quickly. So don’t forget to shut down the system properly when not in use to avoid overheating and rapid component wear over time.

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