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How To Rename Your Personal Microsoft Account

In some cases, you may need to change the name of your Microsoft account (Microsoft Account) in Office 365 or Windows 11. Whatever the reason you are facing, the setup operation Overall, nothing is complicated. Learn how to do it right below.

How to rename a Microsoft account

First, open any web browser on your PC and navigate to the Microsoft Account Profile website. Next, provide the appropriate password and authentication code to login in to the Microsoft account you wish to rename.

login to Microsoft account

After you have successfully logged in, on the “Your Info” page that appears, you will see all your account information, as well as editable areas. The most prominent is the circle box containing the avatar (your account avatar). Right below that is the current Microsoft account name. To change the account name, click the blue “Edit Name” link at the right of the page.

Click on "Edit Name" link

Immediately, the “Edit Name” dialog box will pop up on the screen. Here, you enter the new first and last name that you want to change, then enter the corresponding Captcha code and click “Save”.

Nhập tên mới

Your changes will be saved. For the change to take effect in Windows 11, restart your PC and sign in again. To see the new name in Office 365, open the Office app, click File > Account, and select “Sign Out”.

Then click “Sign in” and sign in with your Microsoft account. Your new name will be displayed in your Office applications.

Tên mới đã được áp dụng

I hope you are successful.

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