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How to turn on Bass Boost on Windows 11

The bass (bass sound) is an indispensable sound range in all music. Especially if you regularly listen to vibrant, powerful music or have a passion for movies, you probably already know the importance of bass in the overall audio experience..

The problem is that everyone’s sound “taste” is not the same. For example, with the same music on the same speaker/headphone setup, you may find that the amount of bass is just right, but others may find it better to increase the bass. In these circumstances, Windows 10 and Windows 11 both offer a choice that enables you to boost the bass on your machine for a more customized experience.

However, it should be noted that the option to increase the bass (Bass Boost) is not available on all PCs. If your computer has supported hardware and drivers, you’ll see this option as described in the steps below. Also, whether you are using Windows 10 or Windows 11, the way to enable this feature is the same.

Turn on Bass Boost feature in Windows 10 and 11

To increase the bass sound on a Windows PC, first, you access the Control Panel by opening the “Start” menu, searching for the keyword “Control Panel“, and clicking on the corresponding returned result.

Access to Control Panel

On the Control Panel window, click “Hardware and Sound”.

Click “Hardware and Sound”

On the next page, under the “Sound” section, click “Manage Audio Devices”.

Click “Manage Audio Devices”

The “Sound” window will open. Here, select the headphones or speakers that you are using, then click “Properties“.

Click “Properties”

On the “Properties” window, open the “Enhancements” tab. Then enable the option called “Bass Boost“.

Enable “Bass Boost” option

Now save your settings by clicking “Apply” and then “OK” at the bottom.

It’s all simply that. Headphones or speakers connected to the system will now produce relatively better bass.

I wish you the best entertainment experience with your PC!

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