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Microsoft bombards Windows 10 users with full-screen Windows 11 upgrade offer pop-ups

As the end of extended support for Windows 10 approaches, Microsoft is pushing hard to get everyone onto Windows 11. In light of the, Update cumulative for Windows 10 due in May 2023 increasingly more users have reported being presented with a full-screen pop-up ad urging them to upgrade to the newest operating system.

Perhaps in response to Windows 10 21H2’s impending end-of-life, Microsoft is ramping up promotion of Windows 11. For the uninitiated, On June 12th, 2018, support for Windows 10 21H2 will end. A reminder from the tech giant to use a supported version of Windows has been sent out.

Microsoft has restarted the Windows 11 advertising campaign on Windows 10. When you turn on your computer, a full-screen advertisement will appear, claiming that the free upgrade offer to Windows 11 is now available

These include a simpler design, more robust safety measures, faster load times, and higher output rates. Microsoft also emphasizes Windows 11’s capabilities as a gaming platform, saying it provides the most game options and the most photorealistic visuals.

The commercial highlights Windows 11’s new aesthetic, highlighting its improved usability and the speed with which it can complete tasks. Those who have decided to stick with Windows 10 should know that they can always access the free Windows 11 upgrade from the Windows Update section of the Control Panel.

Microsoft’s strategy to promote Windows 11 includes this full-screen ad, which portrays the operating system’s upcoming upgrade to Windows 10 as a painless process.

To dismiss this pushy promotion, locate the “Keep Windows 10” link near the screen’s footer and click it.

Windows 11 advertisements cannot be blocked, and there are more

Windows Latest is aware that, despite cumulative updates, these advertisements will still appear and that it is not possible to permanently “turn off” the banners.

Ads for Microsoft 365 continue to appear on Windows 10 devices, alongside those for the Windows 11 upgrade. Let’s finish setting up your device” is an advertisement for Microsoft’s services that encourages users to sign up for more in order to improve their overall efficiency and safety.

Microsoft 365 ad on Windows 10
Source: TheWindowsFan.com for the image.

The advertisement highlights many different features, such as Microsoft 365, 1 terabyte of cloud storage, advanced security options, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Hello, linking users’ phones and PCs, and restoring Microsoft-recommended browser settings.

Microsoft appears to be using these ads to persuade Windows 10 users to sign up for the software giant’s various services, which promise enhanced efficiency and safety.

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