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Microsoft confirms “Windows configuration updates” for Windows 11

Windows 11 “configuration updates” are now being tested in the production channel, Microsoft has confirmed. Non-security-related updates, fixes, and enhancements like Task Manager now has a search bar or an There should be a taskbar “End Task” button to gadgets using a wide range of servicing methods.

You may already be aware that some Windows 11 features will be made available to users in stages via Microsoft’s Controlled Feature Rollouts (CFR) technology. Once each component has been tested and found to be reliable, it will be made available to new devices and enabled by default in a subsequent monthly security update.

Microsoft has stated in the past that it plans to release monthly updates that include new features and enhancements. CFR technology (an approach similar to A/B tests) is used for this monthly updating process, in which some users get new features and others don’t.

Get the latest updates as soon as they’re available is a new feature in Windows 11 22H2 and later that allows you to avoid the queue.

When the switch is turned on, a new “Windows configuration” update will be installed, giving you access to additional features. Users can opt out of A/B testing and receive updates immediately by selecting this option.

Windows 11 early access to updates
Activate the brand-new toggle to get the newest updates as soon as they’re released.

To turn it on, select “Get the latest updates as soon as they’re available” from the Start menu, then go to Settings > Windows Update. Your device will be given priority for future updates and will still receive critical software patches. When finished, configuration changes will show up on the Windows Update history page.

That was the conclusion of a Publication of a Rationalebby the business earlier this month, and Windows Latest just now noticed it.

Windows 11 configuration updates
Picture Provided by Microsoft

Start > Settings > Windows Update > Update History will show you a log of all the optional updates you’ve installed. New configuration updates are noted on the history page.

By expanding the “Other updates” section and clicking the “Learn more” link, you can access Microsoft’s support bulletins detailing the specific configuration changes that have been made.

The latest Configuration information is as follows:

  • Microsoft will not force a restart of your device without notifying you prior to a Windows Update. This means that your working hours will be respected by the company.
  • Whether or not you have this feature enabled, you will still receive critical security updates.
  • Turning on the feature will increase the number of times per month that your device needs to be rebooted because of fixes and improvements.

Similar to other Windows Update features, CFR bypass can be disabled and the A/B testing process resumed. However, Microsoft cautioned that configuration updates would permanently install any new features on your device unless you deleted them.

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