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Microsoft is testing more Microsoft 365, OneDrive ads in Windows 11 Start menu

Users of Windows 11 are skeptical of Microsoft’s decision to add more “badging” to the Start menu, which they see as advertisements.

The purpose of the company’s badge system is to alert users to tasks they should complete. Users are understandably alarmed by the appearance of these badges in the power menu action of the Start menu, which houses the Shutdown and other critical buttons.

Microsoft is trying out badges on the Start menu as part of an effort to encourage users with local user accounts to switch to Microsoft accounts (MSAs). Users who see these badges in the Start menu have been asked for their thoughts by the company.

Microsoft is introducing sign-up recommendations for Microsoft 365 in addition to the OneDrive and Start menu badges. Users’ worries about the proliferation of ads within the operating system have been amplified by this development.

Windows 11 new ads

There are a number of reasons why it might be bad for Windows 11 users if ads were built in.

At first glance, it may seem intrusive to have advertisements in the Start menu, since that area is typically reserved for necessities rather than marketing. In addition, advertisements may cause the operating system to run less efficiently and use up unnecessary resources.

Finally, the emphasis on advertising could damage Microsoft’s reputation by leading users to doubt the company values its customers’ happiness and privacy.

In conclusion, Windows 11 users are worried about Microsoft’s decision to include more badging in the Start menu, which they perceive as intrusive advertising.

Microsoft needs to listen to its customers in order to find a happy medium between promoting its services and preserving a good user experience, given the potential negative impact on user experience and system performance.

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