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Microsoft leak hints show labels on taskbar and more features coming to Windows 11

In Windows 11, Microsoft has been redesigning the taskbar from the ground up. Because of this, the operating system lacks a number of features that would make it more convenient to use, such as the capability to ungroup icons or drag and drop files onto the taskbar.

Microsoft remains committed to listening to its customers and is actively working to restore previously removed features. A year ago, The taskbar now supports “drag and drop” again, thanks to Microsoft users can simply drop files onto it, just like they could in previous versions of Windows.

March is when we The tech giant’s intention to bring back some old taskbar features was exclusively confirmed this coming fall with the Windows 11 23H2 update. “never combine” for the taskbar is scheduled to come back. This new switch would allow you to separate icons and applications on the taskbar, as the name suggests.

With Windows 11 Dev Channel Build 23440, Microsoft has implemented the initial pieces of the functionality in the taskbar. Users have been asking for years for Microsoft to bring back the ability to ungroup app icons on the taskbar, and with Windows 11, Microsoft has finally listened.

Windows 11 taskbar labels
Taskbar icons for programs that have labels or window titles

While Windows Settings does not currently offer the choice to ungroup icons, the option to “show labels” for apps in the taskbar has been added.

As can be seen in the preceding image, the show labels option displays window labels next to application icons in the taskbar. This facilitates quicker recognition of and transition between open windows. The feature can be turned off if you prefer the default behavior of the icons.

To use this feature, head to Windows Settings > Taskbar and change the Combine taskbar button setting to Never. This option is mandatory for the functionality to function properly.

Microsoft’s “never combine” option is meant to address the contentious topic of users “losing” windows as a result of taskbar grouping, which some find useful while others find annoying. By disabling window grouping, this switch makes it so your preferred app’s windows are always visible and easy to access.

One additional taskbar feature, the ability to, was introduced in yesterday’s preview update. If you want your taskbar to look less cluttered, you can hide the date and time.

These updates, which are currently in beta testing, back up our exclusive report that Microsoft is committed to bringing back some classic taskbar options in Windows 11.

Windows 11’s next big update is arriving in the fall

While The Third Moment of Windows 11 version 23H2, the biggest update of the year, should be released in the fall.

It is expected that this update will be similar to Windows 10 enablement packages, albeit with more substantial changes, because it will be built on top of the existing Windows 11 version 22H2.

File Explorer will undergo a major redesign in 23H2 to incorporate Microsoft 365, a new “details” pane, updated WinUI controls, and other minor improvements.

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