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Microsoft offers free USB drives to testers of Windows 11 successor (Windows 12?)

There will be significant alterations to the Windows Insider Program, as recently announced by Microsoft. That’s what the industry’s biggest company claimed, It promised to start beta-testing the next Windows version via a new channel called “Canary”. It is clear to Windows Latest that this would set the stage for Windows 12 and beyond.

Microsoft announced in an email to select testers that anyone using Build 25000 or later would be upgraded to the Canary channel immediately. Users can rest assured that future major updates will continue to be delivered via the Dev channel.

Canary, according to Microsoft’s definition, is for “very experienced” users who are willing to preview “platform changes” early in the development cycle. Microsoft warned that “The Canary can be unstable and are released with limited to no documentation” in an email I received.

Microsoft email
Free USB drive for beta testers, courtesy of Microsoft | Photo: thewindowsfan.com

Microsoft also mentioned in the same email that it will provide testers who are willing to help with the transition to the new platform with a free USB flash drive of at least 8GB of storage space.

A blank USB flash drive of at least 8GB in size is suggested for a fresh Windows installation. Please use the following code to request a USB: W111xxxxxx There is a limited supply, so don’t wait. Items are first-come, first-served while supplies last,” the email states.

Windows 12 email
Microsoft gives away free USB drives to beta testers | Photo: TheWindowsFan.com

To get the USB drive, you have to fill out a Microsoft Insider Program form and provide your local address. Microsoft promises that the device will arrive in your hands in about two months.

After you’ve completed the steps in the above screenshot, Microsoft will send you a confirmation email.

Canary Channel builds have been promised “major changes to the Windows kernel, new APIs, etc.” by Microsoft in the past. Many people think that Microsoft is using this new channel to try out Windows 12 and other versions of the operating system in the future.

Building for the Dev Channel has been reduced to the 23,000 range while the Canary Channel will continue to receive builds from the 25,000 range during the transition.

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