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Microsoft prepares roll out of Windows 11’s native RGB dynamic lighting controls

Native RGB dynamic lighting controls in Windows 11 may soon be available to beta testers. Windows 11 preview builds have shown the native settings page to manage RGB lighting for keyboards, mice, or controllers, but this feature doesn’t work and requires extensive configuration.

Lighting is a new option in Windows 11’s configuration menus. It appears that the new lighting home in Windows 11 will allow you to experiment with more than just RGB controls. Turning on the switch enables dynamic lighting across all supported devices.

RGB, which stands for “Red, Green, and Blue,” can be managed with a variety of free and open-source programs in Windows. According to Microsoft, these are the “energy and emotion to your PC experience” primary colors that are used to create various shades of light.

Windows 11 Lighting settings
Image courtesy of TheWindowsFan.com’s Windows 11 Light Settings.

It can be difficult to keep track of RGB for all of your devices and the third-party tools are notoriously unstable. Windows’ in-built support for dynamic lighting makes it easy to create a system that perfectly suits your needs, whether you’re using it for gaming, movie watching, or any other purpose.

Windows 11 RGB settings
Image courtesy of TheWindowsFan.com and Windows 11’s RGB settings.

The RGB light can be altered in the preferences menu. On the configurations page, you’ll see a list of all compatible add-ons.

Even though the vast majority of devices should be native control-compatible, Microsoft still anticipates developers and hardware partners to test the integration and release improved drivers.

So that you can tailor your experience, save it as a profile, and use it again in the future, or switch between profiles as you see fit, Microsoft is planning to add profiles for RGB controls.

Possible future implementation of this feature.

Other features coming to Windows, Microsoft Store and Settings

Besides the multicolored RGB bulbs, Windows Copilot was also unveiled by Microsoft including a plethora of new additions to Windows 11.

Microsoft is using AI in the Store to do things like compile a curated list of the best apps, prioritize relevant search results, improve app discovery, and summarize user reviews automatically. The Store has the capability of automatically summarizing all reviews, whether they are positive, negative, or helpful.

In Windows 11, “Backup and Restore” was added to the Settings menu. The new backup options in Windows 11 make it possible to take your apps with you when you switch computers. To automatically restore apps from a previous device backup, you can activate this feature.

The ability to save and reload user data has allowed app makers to keep users even after they upgrade their hardware.

In the upcoming weeks, this function will start to be made available.

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