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Microsoft starts shaming unsupported Windows 11 PCs, but offers a way to deal with it

A “System requirements not met” watermark now appears on the desktops of unsupported or ineligible Windows 11 devices from Microsoft. Although the watermark has been around for some time, it has only recently begun appearing on mass-produced gadgets. Microsoft claims, however, that it is possible to turn off these watermarks.

TPM 2.0 (Trusted Platform Module), 8th generation or newer processors, and more are just some of the advanced system requirements that were introduced with Windows 11. It is still possible to install Windows 11 on unsupported hardware, and Microsoft provides a help file detailing how this can be done.

Windows 11 updates will continue to be made available for unsupported devices. However, the company plans to publicly embarrass those installations by placing the watermark in the Windows Settings app and on the desktop. The intention is that the watermark will be intriguing enough to some laypeople that they will decide to upgrade their hardware.

Microsoft is ramping up its efforts to encourage hardware upgrades, but the company is still allowing users to avoid doing so. In October of 2022, Microsoft released instructions detailing how to disable the watermark.

Windows 11 requirements not met watermark
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Organizational strategies for resolving the “System requirements not met” error in Windows 11 According to Microsoft’s official documentation, Group Policy in Windows 11 Pro and Enterprise editions could be adjusted to get rid of the “System requirements not met” message. Select Desktop > Settings > “Go to Setting to learn more”

Microsoft acknowledged the existence of this problem (watermark) in official documentation discovered by Windows Latest. The company also noted that the “System requirements not met” message could be disabled by administrators through the use of a Group Policy editor or other device management software.

Here are the easy steps that users can take to accomplish this:

  1. Bring up the Windows menu or search bar.
  2. Input “Group Policy” (Windows Home doesn’t support this).
  3. Choose Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System from the menu at the top of the Local Computer Policy window.
  4. Turn on “Hide messages when Windows system requirements are not met” in the policy settings.
    Windows 11 requirements group policy
  5. Click OK.

Here’s how to use Registry Editor to get rid of the watermark if you see this message but don’t have Windows 11 Pro or Enterprise (where Group Policy Editor is available). Don’t forget the importance of taking a Windows Registry backup:

  1. Bring up the Registry Editor.
  2. Pick the “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” option.
  3. Open the Settings menu.
  4. To access the cache of notifications about unsupported hardware, select it.
  5. Select SV2 with a right-click.
  6. Choose to Edit.
  7. Replace the current value with 0.
  8. Click OK
  9. You can get rid of the watermark by restarting your computer.

It’s possible that Microsoft won’t be happy to see this continue in the future, but if it does, users won’t have to wait long for ways to get around the restrictions.

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