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Microsoft will pay you if you use Edge instead of Chrome on Windows 11, Windows 10

Following advertisements displayed in Outlook for iOS Microsoft is expanding its advertising for the Microsoft Edge web browser. To be specific, on Windows this time.

Microsoft has begun beta testing advertisements encouraging Windows 10 and 11 users to switch to the Chromium-based Edge browser. Although Microsoft has always promoted Edge on Windows, the tech giant has recently begun testing the idea of displaying more ads and recommendations in the event that a user tries to switch to Google Chrome.

Ads for Google Chrome will now appear in Microsoft Edge’s address bar whenever a user navigates to the browser’s download page. In comparison to Chrome, the “added trust of Microsoft” makes Edge a better browser, according to the advertisement. The advertisement misleadingly states that the incentive to make the switch to Edge lasts for 14 days.

If you keep going, Microsoft Edge will become your default web browser. “Offer valid for 1 user per account for the first 14 days of membership,” the window proclaims. The wording is deceptive because there is no such deal. To no avail, we tried the provided link to make Microsoft Edge our default browser.

Microsoft Edge ad Chrome
Display ad for Microsoft Edge if you’re going to download Chrome | Image Source: Thewindowsfan.com

This could be a bug or the company’s latest attempt to trick users. The pop-up cannot be disabled, but it may be closed at any time by clicking the close (x) button.

Microsoft has taken yet another step to increase Edge’s market share by displaying desktop ads on Windows 11 and 10 that offer users Gift Cards if they switch to the modern browser.

Automatic desktop ads promoting Edge for purchasing gift cards will soon begin appearing for users of Windows 10 and 11 who have the Edge bar (an experimental feature) enabled.

Microsoft Edge Gift Card
Promotional ad for Microsoft Edge on desktop, courtesy of TheWindowsFan.com, which offers gift cards as an incentive.

A Gift Card is up for grabs after just three days of searching the web with Microsoft Edge, as evidenced in the preceding screenshot from a seven-day challenge that Microsoft is currently running.

Spend three days searching with the Edge bar and get an additional 3,100 points. One person/account can take advantage of the offer within seven days of signing up for the challenge, according to the promotion.

The second button allows you to either begin the challenge or disable the Edge bar.

Each and every one of these promotional ads is identical in content to the ones Suddenly, we noticed that Outlook for both Android and iOS had a brand new feature: Microsoft says its mobile app Edge browser was “built to bring you the best of the web,” and that it is the best browser for safely opening links sent via Outlook.

Microsoft Edge is, without a doubt, a top-notch web browser, but inundating users with advertisements may cause them to abandon it. Microsoft’s reputation may take a hit if its advertisements backfire.

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