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Nvidia confirms Windows 11 / Windows 10 high CPU usage bug, promises emergency hotfix

Some Nvidia users running Windows 11 or 10 have reported high CPU usage since the March driver update. In the next few hours, an emergency hotfix will be released to address the high CPU usage issue, as confirmed by the chip manufacturer.

Nvidia representatives confirmed that a software patch for the affected GeForce driver version 531.18 was developed and would be released within the next few hours. The news accounts on Reddit It appears that a bug in the GeForce Driver 531.18, which was released on February 28 and was widely installed by users in March, is to blame for excessively high levels of processor utilization.

According to reports from users, the driver can increase CPU usage by 15 percent for the Nvidia Display Container Service service. This issue, it is claimed, causes their laptops to overheat, impedes performance, and causes the batteries to drain too quickly.

After looking into it, we found that the issue originated with the Nvidia Display Container Service.

Who knows what Display Container Service is up to, or why it needs to run in the background. According to an Nvidia representative, this service is responsible for a number of graphical functions, such as displaying the icon in your system tray and enabling the GeForce Experience.

Display Container Service isn’t crucial, so you can kill it in Task Manager without worrying about breaking GeForce Experience or Nvidia’s notification system. It was discovered by end users that an unexpected increase in CPU utilization occurred after installing Nvidia’s latest driver update due to a modification Nvidia made to its Display Container service.

Although some users may experience slowdowns, it’s important to note that not everyone would.

Nvidia is preparing emergency hotfix for high CPU usage

We have been informed that Nvidia has acknowledged the issue and will release the emergency hotfix within the next few hours. Since this glitch is annoying and can slow down your hardware under Windows 10 or 11, you may want to revert to an earlier version of the chipmaker’s drivers.

Based on the response we received and the information shared with users, a fix for the problem is likely on the horizon. The service process can be terminated in Windows 11 by using the Task Manager. In case you’re on Continuity in Windows 11: Round Two, type the process’s name into the search bar of Task Manager to locate it so you can kill it.

Consider the following as an example of a possible course of action:

  • Launch the Command Prompt (cmd.exe) in Administrative Mode.
  • NVDisplay.Container must be disabled.
  • Toss out _NvGSTPlugin.dll
  • Services using the NVDisplay.Container should be restarted.

However, not everyone has had success with this, and for the time being, reverting to a previous GeForce driver version appears to be the most practical solution.

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