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Fixed: Mobile Hotspot not working on Windows 10

The Internet has become such a core part of the way we work and play that some Internet-connected devices can share their connection with...


Windows 10

[Review] Blueflap – The Browser That Looks Like You For Windows 10

Since Windows 10 was released back in July last year, the world of web browsers has grown equitably interesting. Edge is giving a tough competition to Chrome and Firefox on the forefront while...

Windows 7

[How To] Factory Reset a Windows 7

There are many good reasons to reset the operating system. Perhaps you want to delete all the personal data on your Windows computer before...
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Windows 11

8 ways to personalize Windows 11

Desktop personalization is an important aspect of tech life. A personalized operating system helps you stand out, creating a comfortable work and play environment....

How to resize a virtual keyboard or touch keyboard on Windows 11

Virtual keyboard (touch keyboard) is a useful feature that many Windows users use on a daily basis. However, not everyone knows that the size...

How to turn on Hibernate mode on Windows 11

If you're an experienced Windows user who recently upgraded to Windows 11, you may have noticed that the Start menu doesn't have a Hibernate...

How to hide the cursor while typing in Windows 10/11

Are you annoyed with the situation where the mouse pointer appears in the text field while input is in progress? If yes, you can...

How to Install Windows 11 Enterprise in VirtualBox

Microsoft has released the Windows 11 Enterprise virtual machine, allowing you to start building Windows applications quickly. While other versions of Windows 11 are...


The Best PC Games Right Now

What PC games allow the use of a gamepad? Here are the greatest PC games that can be played with a controller currently!The majority...

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