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How to debug Windows applications with Process Monitor

Do you have Windows 10 apps that aren't working as expected? Maybe it's too slow, crashes all of a sudden, or has loads of...


Windows 10

[Review] Blueflap – The Browser That Looks Like You For Windows 10

Since Windows 10 was released back in July last year, the world of web browsers has grown equitably interesting. Edge is giving a tough competition to Chrome and Firefox on the forefront while...

Windows 7

How to delay program startup with Task Scheduler on Windows 10/8/7

Almost every Windows application you install adds itself to the startup list. However, the more programs there are on this list, the more Windows...
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Windows 11

How to hide a specific folder from search results on Windows 11

Sometimes, for privacy reasons, you may want to hide certain folders so that they don't appear in the search results that come back every...

How to connect a wireless mouse on Windows 11

With undisputed convenience, wireless mice are increasingly popular, especially for laptop users. There are two basic types of wireless mice on the market: USB-RF...

How to create folders on the desktop in Windows 11

For those folders that you often use, placing it right on the desktop will save you a lot of access time. This article will...

How to pause updates on Windows 11

By default, Windows 11 automatically checks for and installs new updates on the system as they become available. However, if those automatic updates bring...

How to Limit Data Usage in Windows 11

In Windows 11, you can set an internet data limit so that your PC doesn't use more than your network data allows. This article...


The Best PC Games Right Now

What PC games allow the use of a gamepad? Here are the greatest PC games that can be played with a controller currently!The majority...

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