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Please download wallpapers specially designed for Windows 11 by a famous designer

In preparation for the end of year season, Microsoft has released a beautiful wallpaper for Windows 11. This wallpaper was designed exclusively by Haitian-American creative director, Kervin Brisseaux. By combining elements of architecture, fashion, music, and his caricature style, Kervin Brisseaux creates an extremely impressive wallpaper.

The things that inspire me are many and changeable, like the weather. But lately I’ve been inspired by vibrant colors, patterns, and designs that match shapes in even minimalist compositions. Thematically, I’ve always been inspired by pop culture and what’s playing through my headphones… The composition also creates a surreal landscape that gives off a sense of adventure and potential new beginnings on the horizon“, shared Kervin Brisseaux.

Please download the wallpaper designed by a famous designer for Windows 11

The wallpaper is a work of abstract art, combining the vibrant, natural, and magical aspects of the holidays with the modern design of Windows 11. The new wallpaper blends perfectly with the angular details of Windows 11.

With light and bright elements, Kervin Brisseaux’s wallpaper tells a story to the viewer. The story becomes softer, more accessible thanks to the combination with Windows 11. Soft flowers and the upper ribbon blend seamlessly with the soft and rounded design elements of the operating system, while stimulating the holiday gift-giving tradition“, Microsoft said.

To download this wonderful wallpaper, please visit the following link:

  • Download new wallpapers for Windows 11 by Kevin Brisseaux

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