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[How To] Speed Up The Start-Up Time Of Desktop Apps In Windows 10

Sometimes users might feel at loss due to the expensive start-up time of the applications when logging in to their computer. It might as well happen that once you have migrated to Windows 10, you notice a slower launch of desktop apps in the startup as compared to previous version of Windows. It feels as if the system holds on for some stretch before launching the apps.

Microsoft has been trying to improve on this sporadic issue. It is not to blame for the Operating System caliber, while the issue is much more trivial. When Windows 8 was released, it was a paradigm shift for its end users with a tablet like experience on their PCs, tables and as well as the mobile devices. Microsoft certainly didn’t want to interfere with the startup priority of tablet-oriented Metro interface and its components, making it possible for a tablet user to gain access to its Start screen as quickly as possible and defer the start-up time of other native desktop apps.

In this post, you can learn how to manage Windows start-up programs and reduce the start-up delay for desktop apps using a simple registry tweak.

Manage Windows Start-Up Programs

Cutting down the extra bunch of programs that launch automatically once the Windows starts can help you get to your desktop much more quickly. Follow the below steps to manage the start-up programs :

1. Right click on the taskbar and open Task Manager. In the Task manager window, click on the Start-up tab.

2. Select the programs which you don’t want to launch at start-up, right-click and Disable them. You can also do so by clicking Disable button on the bottom right corner after selecting the program.

3. Windows 10 also has an in-built feature to look for the description of these programs, so that it becomes easy to decide what all programs could be disabled and which ones to leave enabled. You can use this feature by right-clicking on any program name and selecting Search online. This open up the default web browser with relevant list of results for that particular program.

Reduce The Application Start-Up Delay In Windows 10

1. Press Windows Key + R to open Run prompt. Type regedit.exe and hit Enter to launch Registry Editor.

2. Navigate to the following key in the left pane of Registry Editor:


3. If the Serialize key does not exist, you can create it by right-clicking Explorer key and selecting New -> Key from the menu bar. Rename the key as Serialize and press Enter.

4. Create a new DWORD value by right-clicking the Serialize key in the left pane and selecting New -> DWORD (32-bit) Value. Name the DWORD as StartupDelayInMSec and set its value to 0 (which would be its default value).

5. Exit the Registry Editor and reboot your machine to make the changes effective. You should notice that computer starts up faster than before.

Hope this helps!

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