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Tips to maximize sound quality on Windows 11

Sound quality is central to the experience of watching movies, listening to music or playing games. On Windows 11 systems, this is no exception. You can’t have a good experience with a lousy sound system. However, if you can’t afford a good sound system, you can tweak your computer and make sure everything is optimized, at least in terms of software.

This article will guide you through a few tweaking tips to maximize sound quality on a Windows 11 system.

Maximize Sound Quality on Windows 11

You can make a number of different tweaks to your Windows 11 system to get the best possible audio experience. Detailing steps are as follows:

Enable sound enhancement features

Step 1:Use the Win + I keyboard shortcut to open the Windows Settings app.

Step 2: In the System settings section, click the Sound item.

Select Sound section

Step 3: Scroll down to the Advanced section and click on All sound devices.

Click on All sound devices

Step 4:Select the audio device you want to use from the Output devices list.

 Select sound device

Step 5:Click Advanced under Enhance audio.

Click Advanced

Step 6: Click Advanced tab.

Click Advanced tab

Step 7: In the Signal Enhancements section, enable the Enable audio enhancements option and click Apply, then OK.

Enable the Enable audio enhancements option

Activate the Spatial effect

Even without a surround sound setup, you can still create a similar experience by tweaking some settings in Windows 11.

Right-click on the sound icon on the taskbar.

Click Sound Settings.

Select Sound Settings

Select your audio device in the Choose where to play sound section.

Select your audio device

Scroll down and below the Spatial sound section you will see a drop-down menu. Select Windows Sonic for Headphones.

Select Windows Sonic for Headphones

Depth and sampling rate

Increasing sample rate and depth can result in distortion-free audio quality and improve the overall experience.

Step 1: Use the keyboard shortcut Win + I to open the Windows Settings application and select the Sound item.

Step 2: Select your audio output device.

Step 3:Select a higher quality level from the Format menu in the Output settings.

Step 4:Click Test to check the sound quality. Once satisfied, close Settings.

Enable Enhance audio

If you want to improve the sound quality automatically, activate the Enhance audio feature.

Right-click the Sound icon and select Sound settings.

Scroll down and select All sound devices.

Select audio output device.

Next to the Enhance audio option there will be a toggle switch, turn it on.

Enable Enhance audioWe wish you the best audio experience on your Windows PC!

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