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[How To] Use Sticky Notes To Send Email, Set Reminder And Even More

Sticky Notes is a pretty little nifty tool that allows you to take notes on your desktop and customize them per the available size and color options. In earlier version of Windows, Sticky Notes was usually embodied as a system component as opposed to Windows 10, where it is available as a separate app. Additionally, its functionality has also been improved in Windows 10. In this post, we will see how to use sticky notes to send an email, call a number, set reminders with Cortana and more so.

To make it more touch-friendly, Windows 10 Anniversary Update was shipped with Windows Ink Workspace which capacitates you to use your tablet device more interactively. Sticky Notes was included as a part of this change and functionality set was elevated to make it more favorable to touch devices. Let’s take a brief look at how you can do more using Sticky Notes in Windows 10.

Features of Sticky Notes

In order to test out the enhanced features of Sticky Notes in Windows 10, you first need to launch the app and take a look at basics. Below is how to do so:

1. Hit Windows Key on your keyboard and type “sticky notes”. Click Sticky Notes (highlighted in the image below) to open the app.

2. If you’ve opened sticky notes for the first time, you’ll get a prompt window which asks you if you would like to enable insights for Sticky Notes. Click on Allow button to enable it. You can also enable/disable it later using the sticky notes settings menu.

3. On the top bar of Sticky Notes app, you can three buttons which lets you add or delete a sticky note and also change the color and access the settings menu.

That’s about the rudimentary round-up of Sticky Notes basics. Now, below is the rundown of elevated capabilities of Sticky Notes:

Make A Call/See The Market Info

Now you can see the market info for your favorite index right from your sticky notes. You need to enter the stock index of the desired company and wait until the text turn blue in color. Click anywhere on the index name and you should see the info right there on your sticky notes window.

Even so, you can directly make a call to your friends and family after jotting down a number in a note window. This can come in handy at times where you gotta note a number down and give an immediate call.

Send An Email/Open Websites

If you have noted down any email address in a sticky note, then you can send a mail directly without even bothering to go through the normal process. Just click on Send Email button to launch the default mail app with the recipient’s name auto-filled there. Quite convenient at times!

Besides, you can open any website as well directly from the note. Whenever any web address is entered in a sticky note window, it recognizes the link and allows you to navigate to the page directly using the default browser.

Get Flight Stats/Set A Reminder

Adding to your experience, now you can see the information regarding a flight right on your sticky notes. Just put in any flight number and if it gets identified, the color turns blue. You can click anywhere on text to see the flight info below, powered by Bing.

Moreover, setting any reminder in Cortana is now even more easy, thanks to Sticky Notes! You can enter the reminder phrase along with the time you want to be reminded around. In a snap, time and day info gets identified and you can wake up Cortana to set your reminder by clicking Add Reminder button.

See Directions To Any Address

Just noted down an address on a sticky note? Well, now you can see the address directly in Maps app and get directions from your current location. Depending on your region and language settings, the address gets identified and you can get the direction to it almost immediately.

All of these functionalities are added to Sticky Notes based on its usage. Sticky Notes are often used to take a note of important piece of info like phone number, address, flight number etc. Hence, to make the things more labor-saving, Microsoft amplified the potential of Sticky Notes. This also explain the move to launch it a a separate Windows Store app.

Note: Some users have reported that they are not able to see the Enable Insights option in Sticky Notes settings menu. This might happen because of your region and language settings. Ironically for some reason, the enhanced features of Sticky Notes can only be accessed if your region is set as United States and language as English(US). Microsoft is expected to port these functionalities to other regions as well with the upcoming "Redstone 2" builds. Till then, you'd need to change your settings for being able to take advantage of Sticky Notes.

That’d be all, fellas! Hope you enjoy these little useful features of Sticky Notes.

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