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What is Error 524 A Timeout Occurred and how to fix it

“Error 524: A Timeout Occurred” is a Cloudflare-specific HTTP status code that indicates that the connection to the server was closed due to a timeout.

A 524 error message may prohibit you from loading a website, logging into an online gaming site, or accessing a piece of software, depending on the situation.

Or, the game or app may work fine when you use it offline, but error 524: A Timeout Occurred is displayed when you try to access an online feature.

Error 524: A Timeout Occurred is almost always displayed on two lines like this:

Error 524
A timeout occurred

The 524 error message can be seen on any device running any operating system.

The cause of the 524 error

Error message 524 is seen in Cloudflare-related scenarios. The error means that Cloudflare has established a connection to the server it intends to communicate with, but the server is taking too long to respond.

If you’re seeing this error while trying to access a certain website or feature in an app, there’s not much you can do as a visitor except notify the service owner or application. However, there are exceptions to this, as you will see below.

On the other hand, if you are the owner of a website and receive the error 524: A Timeout Occurred, there are a few things you can try to fix the problem.

Error Message 524: A Timeout Occurred
Error Message 524: A Timeout Occurred

How to fix Error 524: A Timeout Occurred

1. Refresh the web page if you see an error in your browser, or close and restart the program if you see a 524 error there. This can be a temporary problem that a simple reboot will fix.

2. Uninstall the program completely, then reinstall it by downloading the latest version from the company’s website or the installation disc.

Some users reported that error 524 was resolved since the connection was re-established with the server, but this method is probably only useful if the 524 error occurs in a non-browser program, like an application connecting to the game server.

3. If you’re getting an error when using the Origin gaming platform, it may be related to your account’s integration restrictions. Kids’ accounts are restricted, and they don’t allow you to play online, communicate with friends, download games from the Origin store, etc.

If this is the reason you are seeing error code 524, you must be signed in to a child account to upgrade it to a full/adult account. But aside from changing the account holder’s date of birth, this can only happen once you are no longer considered underage. You’ll be notified when a child account is eligible for an upgrade.

4. Depending on the popularity of the website or service, a 524 error can be caused by a sudden influx of visitors that the site did not expect, which can put a strain on server resources, leading to out-of-date errors. this time.

Waiting is all you can do in this case.

Tip: You can access its archived version by searching the page on the Wayback Machine if the site is down due to error message 524.


Are you a website owner?

Follow these steps if you are the owner of the site or if you have the right credentials to make server-side changes.

1. Disable all site plugins and then repeat the action, showing the 524 error message. If this resolves the error, re-enable the plugins, one by one, until you can determine what exactly is causing error 524: A Timeout Occurred.

2. Increased server load due to a DDoS attack can be the cause of the 524 error, in which case you can enable DDoS protection through Cloudflare.

If your website is suddenly experiencing a high volume of valid traffic and the 524 error message is the result, you should upgrade to a hosting plan with the necessary capabilities to handle that volume of visitors.

3. Migrate any long-running processes to an unauthorized subdomain (grey cloud icon) in the Cloudflare DNS app. Any HTTP request that doesn’t get a response from the origin server for more than 100 seconds (or more than 600 seconds for enterprise customers) will timeout, and you’ll see a 524: A Timeout Occurred error.

4. Some error messages (524) are caused by something beyond your control. Contact your hosting provider and tell them the error code, time zone where the 524 error occurred, and the URL that resulted in the error. They may need to check server logs and memory levels.

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