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WhatsApp on Windows 11 is getting better calls support, improved dark mode

WhatsApp for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) debuted in the Microsoft Store last year with a brand-new interface, and another major update is on the horizon. One of the many ways that WhatsApp for Windows 11 and 10 have improved over the years is by current revisions enable a separate “Calls” menu item as the case may be for a subset of users.

As of this update, the new “Call links” feature is compatible with WhatsApp Beta. You can invite anyone to join your call by sharing a link with them, and if you’ve ever used WhatsApp for Android, you may have noticed this link feature. At any time, anyone with access to the link can open it and join the call.

For starters, crack open the WhatsApp’s phone call page along with the addition of a “Create a call link” button. Inviting anyone you’d like to participate in a call is as simple as sharing a link to the call—whether it’s a voice or video call. WhatsApp calls are easy to set up in general, but the addition of link support makes it even less of a hassle to host group chats with friends and acquaintances.

WhatsApp call link feature
This picture was kindly provided by the folks over at thewindowsfan.com.

Anyone with the link can join the call, and they can also use the link to leave at any time, as shown in the above screenshot.

Because your friends can join the call whenever they like, even if you (the host) aren’t there, and leave whenever they like, without the call being disrupted, this function is ideal for calling your friends to discuss a movie or a football game.

According to WhatsApp, you can either send the link directly through the app’s contacts feature or copy the link (which is great for sharing via email or text message).

You’ll need to generate a new set of links every three months, but feel free to create as many as you’d like. Call links will automatically expire after 90 days. And like most other messaging apps, it can accommodate up to 32 users simultaneously.

Better dark mode support

Only the beta version of WhatsApp has the new calls tab and call link support, but the stable version has received an update that improves dark mode support, making it more in line with Windows 11’s aesthetic.

The calls and the enhanced dark mode are just the beginning. The ability to revise sent messages is coming to WhatsApp..

The app will not have an undo feature, but you can always delete or delete from others’ view any message you’ve sent in a private or group conversation. The feature is still in development, however, so the timeline for when Meta will include a history feature is still up in the air.

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