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Windows 10 installation bug accidentally forces users to buy Microsoft 365

Similar to the initial boot experience, Windows 10 is now showing a full-screen pop-up that fills the entire screen and tries to sell Microsoft 365. Though the pop-up itself isn’t new, the catch is that a bug in Windows 11 22H2 prevents users from dismissing the Microsoft 365 offer without entering payment information.

In an effort to promote Microsoft services like OneDrive and Microsoft 365, the company occasionally pushes a full-screen nag. The company’s goal is to make “Windows even better” by increasing awareness of the aforementioned services among its clientele.

It also encourages users to sign in with their Microsoft accounts and sync their Android devices with Windows 10. As was stated up front, the full-screen pop-ups that plague Windows 10 have been around for quite some time, having first been spotted in 2018 when Microsoft eagerly hoped to link your PC and account with other Microsoft services.

Users may be required to enter their credit card information for a Microsoft 365 trial, which is an undocumented bug that was shipped with Windows 10 22H2.

Windows 10 installation bug
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During setup or the “first boot experience,” you will be presented with an offer to try Microsoft 365 for free or decline the offer altogether. However, there is a glitch where clicking “No, thanks” actually brings up the Microsoft 365 registration window instead of skipping it and moving on to the next screen.

It has been confirmed by a Microsoft source (who requested anonymity) that this is not a feature but a bug. The company switched the “No, thanks” strings with the “Try for free” strings by accident. Therefore, “No, thanks” is the sign-up button and “Try it” is the “No, thanks” button.

A reliable source has confirmed that this is indeed the case, saying that the buttons are reversed due to a glitch. If you’d rather not take advantage of this offer, you can simply select the other button and return to the previous screen. It is also possible to install Windows 10 without an internet connection.

Despite Microsoft’s silence on the matter, we anticipate a patch in a future cumulative update.

Windows 10 will continue to receive updates and enhancements, including a fix for the aforementioned issue, until at least October 2025, in case you were unaware.

As a corollary, Microsoft is testing a full-screen popup in an effort to persuade users. Free Windows 11 evaluations There are four slides in the full-screen popup that try to sell you on Windows 11’s new highlights, like the revamped Start menu and notification center.

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