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Windows 11 22H2 Moment 3 comes with a major performance boost

Microsoft released its newest operating system, Third Moment of Windows 11 KB5026446. Many enhancements, including Moment 3 features distributed through Windows configuration update, are available in this optional cumulative update. There is also a noticeable improvement in performance.

New functions include the ability to collect live kernel memory dumps (LKDs) from Task Manager, a revamped in-app voice access command help page, and support for seconds in the system tray clock.

Settings> Bluetooth & devices > USB > USB4 Hubs and Devices is a new sub-section that has been added as a result of the update. Important details about the system’s USB4 support and any attached devices are detailed here.

Windows 11 taskbar clock seconds
Image Credit: Thewindowsfan.com Clock in the taskbar, showing the current time in seconds

However, the update isn’t just about fancy new features; it also boasts greatly enhanced performance.

The Third Moment of Windows 11 improved search results within Settings, and increased speed for devices using a gaming mouse with a high report rate.

Microsoft has also improved the speed of frequently used shell interactions like the Taskbar, Notifications, and Quick Settings by up to 15%.

The technology behemoth announced the speed boosts in a supplementary materials recent (as in, within the past week) publication.

The ultimate goal of these enhancements is to boost productivity even further.

Over half of the impact of startup apps has been removed, and the time to the desktop has been reduced by 10%. New Energy Recommendations and Carbon-Aware Windows Update have also been implemented to improve the environmental friendliness of personal computers.

If you use the suggested power options, you can cut your energy use by as much as 6 percent.

Microsoft claims that Windows 11 is the most stable version of Windows to date, and that recent updates have only increased this confidence.

Beyond Windows 11, there are still performance improvements. Sleeping Tabs, a new feature in Microsoft Edge, can save as much as 83% of memory for background tabs while still allowing the browser to launch quickly.

Further illustrating Microsoft’s dedication to enhancing productivity and user experience across its product line, the new Microsoft Teams app for Windows is now twice as fast while consuming half the resources.

Among the many new features introduced in Windows 11 Moment 3, which were already mentioned, is the ability to copy two-factor authentication codes from the notification toast. Microsoft is also improving the usability of File Explorer by adding shortcut keys to the context menu.

Installation of Moment 3 is possible through a Windows Configuration update, and as of July’s Patch Tuesday, all of its features will be activated automatically.

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