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Windows 11 April 2023 updates overview, everything you need to know

The April 2023 updates for Windows 11 have been released and include a number of fixes and enhancements. The list of improvements in this month’s update is quite long. If you haven’t installed, you’re going to see a lot of differences. Released as a supplementary update in March of 2023.

To Upgrade to Windows 11 Service Pack 3 (April 2023) follow these directions:

  • Open Settings via Search in Windows or The Beginning of the Program.
  • Go to System Restore.
  • View the latest changes.
  • Download and restartwhen prompted by the system.

Windows 11 users will soon receive two new updates. Windows 11 (21H2), the first major update to the operating system, is currently KB5025224 The Operating System Version Was 22000.1817. However, Microsoft is releasing KB5025239 System Software Version 22621.1555.

Then why are there two variants, and what are their differences? Oh, quite a bit. This isn’t a quantitative issue. The 22H2 release of Windows 11 originates in the Nickel development branch, which is significantly different from previous releases because of the many improvements and new features it introduces. Examples of features unique to this family include tabbed browsing in File Explorer and a search box in Task Manager.

Updates to the Windows 11 platform as of April 2023:

  1. Build 22000.1817 of Knowledge Base Article 5025224 for 21H2.
  2. Version 22H2 KB5025239 (Build 22621.1555).

Build 22000.1817 for version 21H2

There aren’t many new features in build 22000.1817, but there are some significant enhancements.

Windows Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) is one example of a new feature being enabled by Microsoft. This function is now built into the inbox and is turned on by default.

To better protect local administrator accounts, Microsoft has confirmed that Windows is compatible with the Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS).

Windows 11 Professional, Education, and Enterprise, Windows 10 Professional, Education, and Enterprise, Windows Server 2022, Windows Server Core 2022, and Windows Server 2019 will all have access to the LAPS features as of the latest security update, which will be released on April 11, 2023.

The update adds the capability to change the password and store a copy of the password in Active Directory (AD) for a selected local administrator account. Those who prefer a straightforward approach to managing Windows local administrator accounts will likely welcome this change.

Microsoft has made several other OS enhancements in addition to integrating LAPS. It has fixed a bug in kiosk device profiles that prevented automatic logon from working, for instance. Computers with patches released on or after January 10, 2023, are vulnerable to this bug.

Build 22621.1555 for version 22H2

Windows 11 Build 22621.1555 for 22H2 is similar to 21H2 in terms of bug fixes, with one exception. This revision adds Ads for Microsoft Account and OneDrive have been incorporated into the Windows 11 Start menu. When you turn it on, you’ll be presented with the notifications or advertisements.

There will be more advertisements in the Windows 11 April update’s Start menu. Microsoft’s latest push to promote services like OneDrive includes this feature, formally known as “notifications for Microsoft accounts.”

Windows 11 April 2023 cumulative updates
Turn off ads in the Start menu by toggling this switch (Image: TheWindowsFan.com)

It has been discovered that you can turn off these advertisements in Windows 11, but you’ll have to dig through the menus to find the option (Settings > Personalization > Start). Microsoft would prefer that the default setting be for recommendations or ads to be shown when using oneDrive free plans.

Windows 11 April 2023 update issues

In April 2023, Microsoft acknowledged a problem that impacts PCs running Windows 11 and specific third-party UI customization apps. Errors with explorer.exe could be triggered by the compatibility issue, leading to endless startup loops. This is a problem with ExplorerPatcher and StartAllBack, two third-party apps that alter the user interface.

Some third-party UI customization apps alter Windows 11’s visual style by employing unofficial means. The end result is aesthetically pleasing, but there are some drawbacks for Windows. Microsoft warns its customers to exercise caution when using such programs.

Thankfully, a fix for this problem has been released for ExplorerPatcher and StartAllBack. User support for any third-party UI customization app should be contacted directly by users in the event of any problems.

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