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Windows 11 Build 25346 enables CABC feature on more devices to save battery, energy

As part of the Windows Insider Program’s Canary Channel, Microsoft has released Windows 11 Build 25346 for testing. Among the notable changes and fixes in this preview release is the ability to use Content Adaptive Brightness Control (CABC) on laptops and 2-in-1s.

Content Adaptive Brightness Control (CABC) while plugged in is now available on laptops and 2-in-1 devices thanks to Build 25346. Until recently, only desktop computers had access to this function.

CABC is a brand-new function that was introduced in 2021 with Windows 11. As noted Microsoft’s implementation of adaptive brightness and contrast adjusts the display settings to best suit the on-screen content. When a video cuts from a dark scene to a bright, sunny one, the lighting may change accordingly.

This functionality is now available on laptops and 2-in-1s with Build 25346. A longer battery life, lower energy consumption, and a better experience could result from this change. However, when comparing the old and new versions, users probably won’t see much of a change.

Windows 11 CABC feature
New in Windows 11: CABC

Top Microsoft Executives confirmed Windows users can adjust the feature’s brightness and color settings in the “Brightness & color” section of the system’s settings interface. A new pull-down menu appears, with Off, Always, and “On Battery Only” as the available options. The CABC settings in Windows 11 are these.

Laptops and 2-in-1s that run on batteries would have “On Battery only” as their factory default. In the meantime, the tech giant asks that you switch to “Always” and provide feedback on the visual quality of CABC while testing.

It’s important to remember that the feature’s goal is to offer a satisfactory viewing experience in the vast majority of situations while also minimizing power consumption and maximizing battery life. However, the way CABC operates may not appeal to everyone.

Turning off CABC may shorten battery life, but it will improve color accuracy for tasks like photo and video editing.

Legacy designs getting a makeover in Windows 11 Build 25346

There are a number of UI upgrades in Windows 11 Version 25346 as well. We previously reported that Microsoft has been working on revamping the look of older pop-ups like the one that appears when an app or driver is incompatible or when Windows detects a security threat. Equally annoying are the prompts for apps that need elevated permissions.

Windows 11 Build 25346 feature
In preview builds, Windows’ Firewall/Security popup has been given a new design.

Windows Security (firewall) alert windows have been given a new look in this update by Microsoft. The prompt appears when programs like OneNote, Word, and PowerShell try to use the network to do something. This updated design is consistent with Windows 11.

In addition to the Conversational Adaptive Behavior Changes and Dialog Design Updates, Microsoft also released the following new features and upgrades aimed at bettering the user experience:

  • The remote desktop connection bar now features a modernized light/dark design.
  • Microsoft claims that their updated connection bar for remote desktop sessions is more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing for users.
  • File Explorer’s ability to share files is getting an upgrade from Microsoft. If you share a file from your computer with someone you know in Outlook, you’ll both be able to easily send yourself a copy via email. The process of importing Outlook contacts has also been simplified.
  • There’s a new setting that lets you conceal the time and date from the system tray helps organize your taskbar better.

Join the Windows Insider Program’s Canary Channel on a spare machine or VM (highly recommended) to test out these features.

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