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Windows 11 File Explorer’s new feature makes it easier to access your photo collection

The company Microsoft has Currently implementing major changes to the File Explorer which will likely go live sometime in 2023. The next major upgrade to Windows 11 will include a number of changes to File Explorer, including a more modern look, a new details pane, deeper integration with Microsoft 365, and more.

The new “Gallery” feature, available in Build 23435 (Dev channel), makes it easier for users to view their photo libraries. This new option is very much like the “All Photos” section of The Microsoft Camera App, making it easy on the user’s eyes. What you see in the Photos app is, essentially, the same thing.

When using OneDrive’s Camera Roll Backup on a mobile device, Gallery View will automatically prioritize the most recent photos. Images uploaded to OneDrive from the Samsung Gallery app will be displayed in File Explorer’s Gallery tab.

In addition, a new “Collection” pull-down menu allows you to select the image folders to be used for display in the Gallery. You can display all images or just those taken in specific locations, for instance. To further refine your content filtering, you can create new folders inside of existing ones.

File Explorer Gallery View

You’re probably aware that Windows 11 introduces a new file dialog that can be used to select apps or files. To facilitate file attachments, PowerPoint presentations, and other uses, Microsoft is incorporating the Gallery feature into the file picking dialog.

Gallery View in File Explorer

Microsoft is updating the File Explorer to use WinUI 3, which will bring new design controls and application programming interfaces (APIs). This modern file manager is based on the WinAppSDK framework. A new “pizza” icon will appear on the toolbar of the updated file manager if you can access it.

New privacy controls in Windows 11

Microsoft has released a new update today which includes improved privacy options and APIs for presence sensors. This feature was initially implemented in the OS with KB5025299, which was made available to beta users earlier this year.

Windows 11 privacy setting
Ambient new presence settings

If you have a device that supports presence sensing, you can control which apps have access to this data by granting or revoking permissions.

Microsoft has stated explicitly that it will not collect device images or metadata and will instead perform all data processing locally on the device hardware. If your device has the capability, you can access these new privacy options by going to Settings > Privacy & security > Presence sensing.

Apps that request and access users’ location data can also be developed by programmers who have access to suitable presence-sensing hardware.

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