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Windows 11 KB5022836 is out – how to download the latest update

The KB5022836 update for Windows 11 is now available for PCs running 21H2. Your update ( ) will differ if you’re on 22H2.KB5022845 although the solutions are essentially the same You can get this update through Windows Update or manually from the Microsoft Update Catalog. The update for Windows 11, version KB5022836, has been posted by Microsoft.

Microsoft has released a security update for Windows 11 known as KB5022836 which includes fixes for a number of bugs and some other enhancements. Please take into account that we are talking about the latest patch for Windows 11 21H2 (the first version of the operating system). Version 22H2 is the latest stable release, so if you’re using it,Read our thoughts on KB5022845 here. instead. Additional functions, Get Windows 11 22H2 here: instead.

When it comes to Windows 11, what’s new in version 21H2 build 22000.1516? Microsoft claims it is merging Windows Spotlight and Themes into one feature on the Personalization page. The result is that you can control the wallpapers that appear in Spotlight through the Windows Settings interface. Another update to the Settings app improves the process of monitoring OneDrive space usage.

Subscribing users of OneDrive can now see notifications in the same place they manage other settings. When your OneDrive storage capacity is getting low, an alert will appear, and you can check out the total storage space available across all of your plans. Enhancements to the MS account interface are also in the works.

KB5022836 Windows 11 update
Picture Provided by Microsoft

For instance, the Accounts tab in the Settings app now allows you to control your Xbox Live Gold membership. If you go to check for updates, you’ll see this message:

2019-02-05 Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Windows 11 on x64-based Systems (KB5022836)

You’ll get (on Windows 10) KB5022834 with the same fixes for the bugs).

Build 5022836 for Windows 11 A List of Direct Download Links: 64-bit.

Windows 11 KB5022836 (Build 22000.1516) important changelog

Several bugs in Windows 11 have been addressed in Build 22000.1516, including one that affects the functionality of some modern apps. This time it was an issue with the Input Method Editor (IME) causing programs to freeze.

As another example, Microsoft has resolved an issue where the touch keyboard would not launch.

Here are all of the serious issues that have been addressed in Windows 11 Version 22000.1516.

  • An issue that could have crashed searchindexer.exe has been fixed.
  • Improvements made to Microsoft Edge’s printing in landscape orientation.
  • Problems with conhost.exe and the DNS suffix lookup list have been resolved.
  • We fixed a bug that was degrading some data in memory.
  • AutoPilot setup is now possible on machines with Trusted Platform Modules (TPM) after a bug was fixed.
  • There was an issue that caused File Explorer to freeze, but it has now been fixed.

As Microsoft works to further refine Windows 11, 2023 should be an exciting year for the operating system. Users have been able to get new features without having to wait an extra year or two thanks to Microsoft’s Moment update strategy (releasing features as part of the monthly cumulative update).

The first major update to Windows 11 included many improvements, tab support in File Explorer being just one of them. Updates will continue to be released regularly in 2023 per the Moment’s update strategy, so look for new features to debut in the coming months. For instance, March 2023 is targeted as the release date for Moment 2.

The Windows Widgets have been updated, and a new full-screen mode and search bar for Task Manager are included in this release. We anticipate the Moment 3 update, which includes a tablet-optimized mode for the taskbar and other features, to go live in May or June, following the Moment 2 update.

There’s more, though. In the fall, Microsoft will release Windows 11 with the 23H2 update, which will emphasize new features.

Between now and then, monthly cumulative updates will bring new features and fixes to Windows 11 22H2. Do not forget that Windows 11 21H2 is being phased out and that Windows 11 22H1 is required for you to make use of these newest enhancements. In addition, it is important to know that version 22H2 is more stable than version 21H2 and therefore recommends an upgrade.

Widgets now work without a Microsoft account

Microsoft is releasing an update to the Windows Widgets panel that does away with the need for a Microsoft account. Because of this, you no longer need a Microsoft account to use Widgets.

This update, which has been in testing since December 2022, is now available on the Microsoft Store as part of the latest version of the Web Experience Pack.

Also, the widgets board can now take over the entire screen, making for a much more immersive interactive experience, thanks to a new full-screen mode being added to Widgets by Microsoft.

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