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Windows 11 KB5022845 (22H2) is out – here’s what’s new

Changes to the.NET Framework are just one of the many improvements introduced in Windows 11 KB5022845, which is now available for download on PCs running 22H2. In addition to making itself available through Windows Update, Microsoft has made offline installers for Windows 11 KB5022845 available for direct download from the Update Catalog.

In addition to addressing security issues, update KB5022845 addresses a number of other issues. This update gets the gadgets ready for the next “Moment” update, which is expected to drop in March 2023, according to those in the know. Even if you didn’t install the preview update in January of 2023, you’ll get all the bug fixes and other improvements that were included in that update right now.

If you’re using Windows 11 22H2 Build 22622.1265, you may be wondering what kinds of bugs have been addressed. According to Microsoft, they resolved an issue where apps would become unresponsive while using a mouse and keyboard while the operating system’s Input Method Editor (IME) was running in the background. Another glitch that stopped users from doing content-based file searches has been fixed.

The issue where images could not be searched in Windows 11’s taskbar search bar has been fixed in Build 22622.1265. There was a problem with gamepads, but it has now been fixed. Because of this flaw, some devices couldn’t go to sleep mode even when they were linked to a controller.

You can find the following update if you look for it:

Windows 11 x64-based systems: cumulative update (KB5022845), dated February 2, 2023.

You’ll get (on Windows 10) KB5022834 bug-free, and Windows 11 21H2 is receiving the same updates KB5022836).

A List of Direct Download Sites for Windows 11 KB5022845:64-bit.

Windows 11 KB5022845 (Build 22622.1265) important changelog

Microsoft is incorporating the.NET Framework update into the latest UUP-based Windows Update packages. Microsoft has promised more fine-grained control over optional updates, such as.NET Framework patches, and a more streamlined update experience with Windows 11 22H2 thanks to UUP.

KB5022845 Windows 11 update
As usual, some of Windows’ updates are downloading successfully while others fail. Credit: TheWindowsFan.com for the image

As highlighted Microsoft’s new Windows 11 feature modifies the distribution model for.NET Framework updates. Settings > Windows Update > Advanced options > Optional updates is where users can find.NET Framework updates that are available for installation. Accessing the page for optional updates allows you to pick and choose which ones to set up.

According to Microsoft, users were previously presented with this update option whenever they performed an update check.

This performed an automatic update to the.NET Framework preview, which required a system restart. Users can benefit from fewer updates, fewer reboots, and a more dynamic experience by having.NET Framework updates integrated into optional updates.

Windows 11 Build 22622.1265 fixes a number of critical bugs, one of which affected Search and searchindexer.exe in addition to the new.NET experience. The bug that would occasionally prevent users from logging in or out has been fixed.

The Microsoft team has also patched a that could lead to thread collisions. A deadlock describes this situation.

Microsoft has also addressed a problem in the firmware of systems that use Trusted Platform Modules (TPM).

Windows 11 build 22622.1265 includes the following updates and corrections:

  • A problem affecting the Resilient File System (ReFS) has been resolved.
  • Issues with Microsoft Exploit Protection Export Address Filtering (EAF)-affected devices have been resolved.
  • We’ve fixed an issue that prevented some WebView2 apps from displaying content in Microsoft Edge. Widgets in Windows 11 were also impacted.
  • Group Policy for Enlarged Toasts now functions as intended after an issue was resolved.

There are a few issues that have been discovered so far that Microsoft is aware of. Some users, for instance, are unable to access Windows 11 build 22H2 via WSUS because of a glitch.

However, the update will only download to the WSUS server; the bug will prevent it from seeding to client devices. Unified Update Platform (UUP) MIME types were removed inadvertently, according to Microsoft. The company has identified the issue and is working on a fix that will be released in an upcoming cumulative update.

Moment 2 update for Windows 11

As of now, Microsoft is hard at work on the “Moment 2” update for Windows 11 22H2. In 2023, Microsoft plans to release up to three updates to Windows 11 22H2. The first of these updates, dubbed “Moment 2,” is scheduled to go live sometime in March.

In the same vein as Moment 1, which introduced tabs to File Explorer, Moment 2 will likely include a few minor new features, such as the ability to display the time in seconds on the taskbar clock. It is unclear what features will make it into the final version of Moment 2, but those who have participated in the Windows Insider program will be aware of the changes already in progress.

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