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Windows 11 KB5023778 is out with new features (hands on)

Optional cumulative update for Windows 11 KB5023778 for 22H2 systems is now available for download. This is a significant release because it adds new functionality to the operating system. The offline installers for Windows 11 KB5022913 are now available for public download from Microsoft’s Update Catalog.

The KB5023778 update for Windows 11 is completely voluntary. Unless you specifically instruct Microsoft to download and install the update, it will not be applied to your computer.

The “Moment 2” features in Windows 11 22H2 were enabled by the previous optional update. The optional March 2023 update is smaller than the February 2023 update, but it still includes a lot of cool features.

For instance, the company is integrating Start menu notifications for Microsoft accounts. The Start menu will display a notification advertising Microsoft accounts and OneDrive. The tech giant said a small number of users would get the notification at first, but that number would grow in the coming weeks.

In Windows 11, Microsoft is also updating the search bar. The update also made the search box appear lighter in the custom color mode of Windows. This occurs when the Settings > Personalization > Colors default theme for Windows 11 is dark while the app mode is light.

Don’t forget that the patch is labeled “Preview of the 2023-03 Cumulative Update.”Microsoft Windows 11 Build 22H2 system (KB5023778)” for x64-based systems.

If you prefer, you can wait until the mandatory April 2023 Patch Tuesday update arrives in the middle of the month instead of installing this week’s optional update.

You can get KB5023778 for Windows 11 right here: 64-bit.

If you want to get the update from Microsoft Update Catalog, you can do so by clicking the aforementioned link and then clicking the “Download” button that appears next to the update listing.

Windows 11 KB5023778 changelog

The issue where input destinations could be displayed as null has been resolved by Microsoft. During testing, this problem manifests itself when users attempt to transform a physical coordinate into a logical one, resulting in a Blue Screen of Death.

Here is a full rundown of everything else that was fixed in the March 2023 optional update for Windows 11:

  • Microsoft has patched the SCEP certificate to fix an issue. Some SCEP certificate installations are shown as failed when they should be shown as pending.
  • Microsoft has resolved an issue with the latest version of the WinRT API. This problem prevents apps from receiving location data when using MBIM2.0 .
  • There was an issue with kiosk device profiles, and Microsoft has resolved it. After Autopilot has finished configuring, the sign-in screen for these gadgets remains visible. If you have enabled automatic logon, it may not function. This problem appears after installing patches released on or after January 10, 2023.
  • This patch affects Xbox Elite players who make use of the Xbox Adaptive Controller. This adjustment is for the desktop version of your controller remapping settings.
  • An issue where your audio could glitch or screech when the system was under stress or woke up from sleep has been fixed by Microsoft.
  • There is no more “WDAC cannot read fields from binaries” error.
  • An issue that could have affected Active Directory Users and Computers has been resolved by Microsoft. No longer does it react. When switching on or off a large number of objects in one go, TaskPad view can become unresponsive.
  • The RPC Service (rpcss.exe) has been updated by Microsoft to fix a bug. The problem could lead to a race condition where the DCOM and RPC endpoint mapper conflict with one another.
  • The problem with PowerPoint has been resolved by Microsoft. On the AVD, it suddenly stops responding. This happens whenever VBA is used.
  • A bug in Windows Search has been resolved by Microsoft. Inside of Windows docker images, Windows Search doesn’t work.
  • The Group Policy Editor is updated in this version. It extends the available protocols to include TLS 1.3.
  • Egyptian Arab Republic is affected by this revision. This revision is in accordance with a government directive for the 2023 Daylight Saving Time transition.
  • The jscript9Legacy.dll has been updated by Microsoft to fix a bug. In order to fix MHTML’s unresponsiveness, it implements ITracker and ITrackingService.

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