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Windows 11 KB5025299 beta unlocks new privacy and Windows Update settings

Microsoft has released KB5025299, a new update to Windows 11, to members of the Windows Insider Program’s beta channel. Although this update doesn’t add many new features, it does allow for more stringent privacy controls. This update includes a new preference for adjusting the behavior of Windows 11’s proximity sensors.

Microsoft has modified Windows 11 so that users’ images and metadata are not gathered in an effort to protect their privacy. Instead, the user’s own hardware will process all data. Settings > Privacy & Security > Presence sensing is where you’ll find the new options for controlling the privacy of your device’s presence sensor.

Microsoft is also working on providing new APIs for developers to use with the presence sensor feature and understand data regarding the physical locations of users’ devices. This new option in Windows 11 may provide users with more fine-grained control over sensors, opening up the possibility of novel experiences.

Windows 11 privacy setting
Variations on the Traditional Forms of Physical Presence

The security measures also include Microsoft is also developing a new feature that will let you easily download and install software updates before they’re made available to your gadget. The Windows Update section of the Settings menu now has a new toggle. Toggle it on to “get the newest updates immediately once they become available.”

Windows 11 early access to updates
Activate the brand-new toggle to get the newest updates as soon as they’re released.

In order to ease users into the enablement package (future cumulative updates), this toggle is being introduced for the Beta Channel. By toggling on automatic updates, for instance, you can use system components that are normally inaccessible.

Windows 10 debuted the enablement packages, and Windows 11 received them later. The upgrade can be applied instantly without having to wait on the “spinning circle” screen because of the enablement package’s switch that activates the features preloaded onto Windows 11 PCs.

According to Microsoft, the explorer.exe crash issue experienced by some beta testers has been resolved alongside other problems in the Windows 11 KB5025299 update. The registry editor no longer has the issue that was fixed.

When adding a language via the Language & Region settings page, Microsoft has resolved an issue where the installation progress of language features could fail.

How to install KB5025299

Members of the Windows Insider Program’s Beta channel can now download and try out this update. After signing up for the beta channel, users can check for updates by going to the Start menu, selecting Settings, and then Update & Security, followed by Windows Update.

Choose this update to apply if there are any available.

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