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Windows 11 KB5025305 bugs: Installation, gaming issues and Kaspersky warning

Some users are having trouble with the latest optional Windows 11 update (KB5025305), especially those who also use the Kaspersky anti-virus program.

Windows 11 KB5025305 was released in the final week of April 2023 with some cool new features, such as updated animations for the Widgets button in the taskbar. When a notification pops up on the Widgets button in the taskbar, you’ll see these fresh animations. Alternatively, the Widgets window will open whenever the mouse is over the corresponding button in the toolbar.

There is also a new toggle switch that enables you to test out upcoming features and updates ahead of the general public. When this button is pressed, Windows 11 “Configuration Updates”, giving your device a head start on receiving updates that aren’t related to security, like a Task Manager’s Search Box.

The optional Windows 11 April 2023 update has been causing a number of problems, despite initially seeming like a pretty good release. In a feedback hub post After the initial reboot, one user noticed that the update percentage went from 0% to 22%, but then started over at 0%.

After going from 0% to 30% and then from 31% to 100%, the update finishes normally.

Instance #2 reported that there is a constant 25% update cap. When they restart their machine, the update stops short of completion at 25% and does not continue.

A single user reported After updating, the game crashes. They discovered the problem while playing Metro, since it had been functioning normally the night before the update. After applying the KB5025305 update, the issue manifested itself.

There may be some future limitations when running on this version of Microsoft windows 11
Future restrictions on this version of Microsoft Windows 11 are possible.

Kaspersky anti-virus, according to some users, now displays a message warning of potential future limitations when operating on Windows 11’s latest update. The warning states, “There may be some future limitations when running on this version of Microsoft Windows 11,” as seen in the above screenshot.

Engineer at Kaspersky Lab confirmed that they believe the problem lies with the most recent Windows 11 update and are looking into it. The caution message should only show up once.

A second user reported that the update may have broken the firewall, indicating that Kaspersky needs to issue a quick patch. It’s estimated that tens of thousands of computers all over the world have been affected.

Known issues in Windows 11 KB5025305

Microsoft is unaware of the existence of these problems with the update. The outdated source material and completely ignores these concerns. This document still calls attention to an old problem with copying large files in Windows 11 build 22H2.

This issue makes it take longer than expected to copy files that are several gigabytes in size. However, consumer electronics and equipment used in homes and offices are unaffected.

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