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Windows 11 KB5026372 is causing a wave of issues, including VPN problems

It would appear that Tuesday’s release of Windows 11’s latest cumulative update, KB5026372, is causing a lot of issues for users.

Users have reported a wide range of problems on Reddit and other forums, despite the update’s stated goals of improving things like the Kernel-mode Hardware-enforced Stack Protection security feature and fixing a race condition in LAPS.

Multiple users have voiced serious concern that the update is breaking their VPN connections, especially their L2TP/IPsec ones. Others have had trouble downloading files via sftp while connected via L2TP/IPsec VPN, and some users have reported a significant slowdown in both download and upload speeds.

Users tried reinstalling WAN, flushing DNS, turning off IPv6, and even turning off the firewall, but none of these measures worked.

According to another user, installing KB5026372 triggered BitLocker, which then got stuck in an endless repair loop and may have necessitated a clean install of Windows. Some users have also reported that their computers have shut down instead of restarted after updating.

Many users have reported experiencing these issues and are now looking for answers, which raises questions about the update’s stability and reliability.

KB5026372 is a mess for many users

The broken grey and black boxes have returned to Windows Security, adding to the previously reported issues with VPN connections.

The Windows Security app had been corrupted by a bug, which led to the appearance of these boxes. The problem had been fixed, but it had reappeared after the update. In addition, despite being worked on for months, the problems with TPM detection and core isolation settings persist.

Another issue I’ve had is that when I use Task Manager to look for programs like Roblox and Kaspersky, I get results for Chrome or Edge instead. The Feedback Hub’s performance has also been subpar, with the app moving at a snail’s pace.

Microsoft still hasn’t admitted there are problems. Users can, however, roll back the problematic update and halt further updates to resolve the issue.

Here’s how to undo the update (KB5026372):

  • Start, then go to Settings, and then Windows Update.
  • Select Updates in the history, then click Uninstall updates.
  • The fix is to uninstall the update with the KB number (KB5026372) from your system.
  • You can undo the update and return to the previous version by following these instructions.

It’s important to note that the VPN problem seems to be the only widespread issue, while the rest don’t seem to affect the vast majority of users.

There are many enhancements available in the Windows 11 May 2023 Update including, but not limited to, the inclusion of seconds in the taskbar clock.

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