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Windows 11 KB5026372 is out with new features (direct download links)

Microsoft has released KB5026372 for Windows 11 22H2, which includes fixes and enhancements. The company’s website now features downloadable copies of the Windows 11 update (KB5025239).

Unless you have modified your installation preferences, the mandatory security update for Windows 11, KB5026372, will be downloaded and installed automatically. There aren’t many brand-new features in this update, but there are a number of quality fixes, such as animated icons for Windows widgets.

The addition of moving icons to the Widgets button in the taskbar is one of the most noticeable changes in this release. When a notification appears on the Widgets button in the taskbar, or when the mouse is hovered over or clicked on it, users will now see these animations play.

Microsoft has also added a new toggle control to the Settings > Windows Update page, which complements the visual changes. When enabled, this function ensures that the user’s device is among the first to receive any future non-security updates or improvements.

It’s important to note that this switch is normally turned off on managed devices. Users interested in learning more about this feature can read the update documentation, specifically the “Get Windows updates as soon as they’re available for your device” section.

Several user-experience problems are fixed in KB5026372, the latest patch. Microsoft Edge’s Internet Explorer mode has a bug that causes pop-up windows to appear in the background instead of the foreground. With this update, the problem is fixed and pop-ups now appear as expected.

This revision is labeled as “Windows 11 x64-based systems: cumulative update 2023-05 (KB5026372)“, and the highlighted features are unique to this article.

You can get KB5026372 for Windows 11 right here: 64-bit.

KB5026372 (Build 22621.1702) important changelog

The following is an exhaustive list of issues that have been addressed by the update:

  1. This update addresses a problem where signed Windows Defender Application Control (WDAC) policies were not being applied to the Secure Kernel in the presence of Secure Boot.
  2. When exiting a full-screen game with Win Tab, Task View no longer appears in the wrong place.
  3. Windows Hello for Business PIN sign-ins for Remote Desktop Services no longer generate the “The request is not supported” error message after the update.
  4. There are no longer any problems with GPResult or the resulting set of policy reporting when using the Administrator Account Lockout policy.
  5. When powering off via a call to Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), the Unified Write Filter (UWF) had an issue that prevented devices from responding.
  6. It fixes a bug in the Resilient File System (ReFS) that prevented the operating system from booting normally before the update.
  7. The problems that caused MySQL commands to fail in Xenon containers running on Windows have been resolved.
  8. System availability issues with SMB Direct endpoints have been fixed for multi-byte character set environments.
  9. The update corrects a bug in apphelp.dll that prevented DirectX applications from running on older Intel graphics drivers.
  10. Finally, the update corrects an issue where the configured local account password was not being managed by either the older Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) or the new Windows LAPS feature.

The Chinese input method is also fixed in this update. Previously, only a small portion of the first suggestion would be shown to the user. The latest update addresses this problem, so users can browse through and choose from suggestions without any interference.

The cumulative update KB13345679 for Windows 11 22H2 includes numerous changes and corrections meant to better the user’s experience and the overall functionality of the operating system.

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