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Windows 11 KB5026446 Moment 3 installs automatically, causes major issues

Microsoft has released Windows 11 KB5026446, which includes the long-awaited switch to Third Moment of Windows 11 The default hiding of features is a major source of friction. To begin, it has been reported to Windows Latest that the update is automatically installed when users check for updates.

When I selected “Check for updates” on one of my virtual machines, I discovered it triggered the installation of an update. After pausing the updates, the update reappeared as optional with a “download and install” link, so it wouldn’t be installed automatically if I hadn’t wanted it to.

According to feedback we’ve received, the KB5026446 update installs automatically without the need for users to check for updates. This behavior is typically seen only with optional updates. Since users did not anticipate having an optional update installed automatically, it has raised concerns about the stability of their systems.

The update has been reported broken Microsoft Store and Game Pass on Windows 11 by several users. Some users have reported that after installing KB5026446, Xbox Game Pass games became unplayable and could not be played again until the update was uninstalled.

Many users have commented on Feedback Hub to say that the update has solved the problem of apps failing to launch and freezing the system. After installing the update, one user noticed serious problems when their device went into sleep mode, including a failure to restart, unresponsiveness in the fan control, and a general slowdown in PC performance.

When the offending update was removed, the problems went away.

The computer stopped restarting after going into sleep mode after the update was installed. The monitor stopped powering up, the red light next to the camera flashed, and the computer rebooted without warning the user elaborated on their issue after applying the revision.

One user described the issue thusly: “Fan control was no longer possible, the laptop’s fans went to 100%, and it was not possible to change the speed” (both the performance toggle key and the ASUS apps providing this option were rendered ineffective) noted.

Some users have reported hardware issues, such as a bug making their keyboard and mouse unusable. In addition to the automatic disconnection of external keyboards, Microsoft has requested additional information from users in order to better understand the issue.

How to uninstall KB5026446 and fix Windows 11 May 2023 issues

Problems with the Windows 11 May 2023 optional update and Moment 3 show the difficulties that can arise from releasing new features frequently and emphasize the need for thorough testing prior to a full rollout.

Microsoft has not yet responded to the reports, and it appears that uninstalling the patch is the only option for now. Here’s what you need to do to remove the update:

  1. To access Windows Update, launch Settings.
  2. To remove the updates, go to the “History” menu. The option to remove an application.
  3. Locate the necessary KB update in the list of those currently installed, and then select the Uninstall button.
  4. You should try a reboot.

Alternatively, you can access the update through the “View installed updates” link in the Programs and Features window of Control Panel.

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