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Windows 11 KB5026446 Moment 3 is out, download offline installers

The much-anticipated Moment 3 features are included in the new, optional Windows 11 KB5026446 update. Accessing Moment 3 features like seconds in the taskbar and more is now easier than ever thanks to Microsoft’s publication of direct download links for Windows 11 KB5026446 offline installers.

Version 11 of Windows KB5026446 update to Windows 11, version Moment 3, requires manual action on your part to download and install. You must enable the new Windows Update setting “Get the latest updates as soon as they’re available” to use Moment 3’s features.

To use Windows 11 Moment 3 features, you’ll need to enable the toggle found in Start > Settings > Windows Update. In an effort to limit disruptions caused by the update, the Moment 3 features are disabled by default. Simply activating the new toggle will enable you to receive the most recent non-security and feature updates as soon as they become available.

Preview of the 2023–05 Cumulative Update for Version 22H2 of Windows 11 compatible with x64-based systems (KB5026446)”.

Check for updates once you’ve applied the aforementioned patch and enabled the feature in Windows Update. A new pattern of Changes to Windows settings which needs to be downloaded before you can use Moment 3’s functions.

Here’s how to put in place the KB5026446 update for Moment 3:

  1. Select the Windows Update menu item from the Start menu.
  2. Learn what’s new.
  3. When prompted, click “Download and Install” next to the KB update.
  4. Perform a system reboot.
  5. Launch Windows Update after the system has restarted.
  6. Find the option labeled “Get the latest updates as soon as they are available” and flip its switch to the On position.
  7. Get the latest Windows update, install it, and then restart your computer.

When finished, your device will have full access to all Moment 3 features.

You don’t have to install this week’s optional update to take advantage of the enhancements that were made. These changes will be implemented in the upcoming June 2023 Patch Tuesday update, which is expected to go live around the middle of the month.

KB5026446 for Windows 11 Quick and Easy Downloads:64-bit.

Please use the provided link to access the Microsoft Update Catalog, and then click the “Download” button next to the update listing there.

Windows 11 KB5026446 Moment 3 changelog

Windows 11 Moment 3 includes numerous changes and enhancements, though the update is smaller than Moment 2 was. While the previous update introduced ground-breaking features like drag and drop on the taskbar and tabs in File Explorer, the focus of Moment 3 is on quality enhancements.

The widgets board is getting better, but no desktop support

The Widgets board in Windows 11 has been updated. The update does not include the speculated widgets that work on the desktop. The only changes are superficial ones.

You’ll find that Microsoft increased the canvas size in Moment 3, allowing for as many as three columns (the exact number will vary depending on the device).

The MSN feed will soon be accessible from a new feed section, with its own widget-specific feed.

KB5026446 new feature
Novelty of the Widgets Board

Put a news feed, a calendar, and a weather forecast on your board for instantaneous access to relevant news and information from your preferred sources.

The taskbar’s widget icons can now be animated, thanks to Microsoft. When a new widget notification appears, or when you move the mouse over the widget entry point on the taskbar, these actions are triggered.

This means that the weather widget’s icon, like a sun or cloud, may change its appearance to reflect the day’s weather.

Two-step factor authentication got a cosmetic update

Microsoft is working to streamline the use of two-factor authentication. With the update, the two-factor authentication alerts will look more like those on Android. In other words, the 2FA code can be copied and pasted directly from the alert.

Windows 11 Moment 3 download

A “copy” button has been added to notification toasts so that 2FA codes can be copied and pasted from PC apps or from PC-linked phones.

To quickly and easily enter a two-factor authentication code from, say, your banking app, you can copy the code from the notification toast and then paste it into the login field.

Keyboard settings

Microsoft has updated their touch keyboard interface.

In the updated configuration, the “Show the touch keyboard when there is no keyboard attached” checkbox has been replaced with a dropdown menu containing three additional options (i.e. more fine-grained control).

Among the three new possibilities are:

  • The touch keyboard will be disabled permanently.
  • In the absence of a physical keyboard, the on-screen keyboard will take its place.
  • Regardless of whether a physical keyboard is currently connected, the touch keyboard will always be shown.

Enhanced Phishing Protection

The May 2023 update, like all others, includes new and improved security features.

We’re getting protection beyond what we already had against phishing and weak passwords.

When you copy and paste a potentially dangerous password, a new pop-up interface warning will appear if you have enabled the new password warning option in the Windows Security app.

A user interface warning, similar to the one currently displayed when typing in a password, will appear if you have the Windows Security warnings turned on.

Taskbar improvements

Microsoft has made it simpler to check if your device uses a virtual private network (VPN). A new VPN status icon will appear in the system tray whenever you are connected to a VPN that has been recognized. However, there is a catch; this icon might not show up when utilizing specific VPN settings.

Windows 11 VPN indicator

When this function is enabled, a new shield icon will appear on your device’s status bar. This icon follows your system’s accent color and will appear over your currently active network connection.

Microsoft is also re-introducing a much-requested taskbar feature, the option to show seconds in the clock’s little window. Due to ‘performance issues,’ Microsoft decided to cut this function from the first version of Windows 11.

Windows 11 taskbar clock seconds
Image Credit: Thewindowsfan.com Clock in the taskbar, showing the current time in seconds

Users have requested that the system tray clock display seconds, so this feature has been added. By default, Windows disables this feature, but you can turn it on in the Control Panel.

The addition of a quick link to Bing in the Windows Search box is also a new feature. A new “Bing” icon will appear in the search box if you have that feature turned on. This is simply a quick link to the Bing AI chat window in Microsoft Edge.

Bing button on taskbar

Microsoft Edge will immediately take you to Bing.com if you click the Bing icon.

Other improvements in KB5026446 Moment 3

Microsoft has crammed even more features into the Moment 3 update. Live captions now support additional languages, and the touch keyboard, USB4 settings page, and File Explorer shortcuts have all been updated.

When using the app in its light mode, the search bar will also appear brighter.

System performance has been improved, and you can now make live kernel dumps in Task Manager, and searching for settings is much quicker. Last but not least, the new presence-sensing options allow for finer-grained regulation of functions like wake on approach/lock on leave.

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