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Windows 11 “System requirements not met” watermark is reportedly rolling out

More than a year has passed since Windows 11’s initial release, and in 2022, Microsoft released the operating system’s first major update. It is expected that the next major update will be released by Microsoft in 2023. Many people have already upgraded to Windows 11 on “unsupported” computers, despite the system requirements not being met.

We have Windows 11 up and running on PCs with Intel i3 processors from the sixth generation, which isn’t advised but is possible. Microsoft does not encourage running Windows on non-supported hardware. The company would prefer it if you just bought a new computer and upgraded to Windows 11.

If your machine is compatible with Windows 10, then Windows 11 should run smoothly on it. No noticeable difference in performance from “officially supported” hardware is expected. Microsoft has no intention of stopping basic security updates for these devices but does want to watermark unsupported PCs to make them feel less secure.

Windows 11 requirements not met
This picture was kindly provided by the folks over at thewindowsfan.com.

Microsoft’s “System requirements not met” watermark has appeared on the desktops of unsupported PCs running Windows 11 22H2 (production, not Insider preview) since the January 2023 update.

According to user comments on the Feedback Hub, this appears to be an A/B test, as it is only being experienced by a subset of users following the installation of the Patch Tuesday update for January 2023.

“When I purchased the device, Windows 11 was already installed. After using it for over a year, all of a sudden the message “System requirements not met” appeared, along with the instruction to “Go to settings to learn more.” Another affected user described seeing the watermark in the top-right corner of their screen, next to the taskbar.

Windows 11 requirements not met
Photo: Thewindowsfan.com

My laptop runs Windows 10 (22H2) on an Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6500U CPU running at 2.50 GHz to 2.59 GHz, but according to the Windows 11 system requirements, it is ineligible for the Windows 11 update. You need a PC with one or more processing cores, and I have two. Also, all other prerequisites have been met or exceeded. One user complained that “it makes no sense and is very confusing.” noted.

My computer, which came preloaded with Windows 11, has served me well since I purchased it in 2021. Today, however, I started getting the message “System requirements not met. You can find out more by visiting the Preferences menu. And now it tells me my computer can’t run Windows 11.” just another user added.

This was one of the “features” the tech giant tested last year, and it appears to be making its way to the public now.

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